Cement Truck Security Surveillance Camera System

Date Time: October 27, 2023
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Cement Truck management challenges

  • Vehicle utilization, leading to some vehicles being idle while others are busy.

  • Unsafe driving behavior of Cement Truck drivers, such as fatigue driving and drunk driving.

  • Non-standard driving by drivers, such as speeding, which is a major cause of frequent traffic accidents.

  • Unreasonable vehicle route planning and dispatch, resulting in waste of fleet resources.

  • Difficulty in managing fuel and maintenance costs.

  • Loss of materials: During transportation, some dishonest drivers may sell concrete building materials, oil, and other items for personal gain.

YUWEI Cement Truck camera system introduction

Cement Truck Camera System

The ultimate goal of concrete vehicle tracking management is to reduce costs and improve service levels. This requires concrete companies to timely, accurately, and comprehensively grasp the information of transportation vehicles and achieve real-time monitoring and scheduling of transportation vehicles. YUWEI Cement Truck camera system is equipped with GPS/BDS positioning and GPRS wireless communication technology, providing a powerful and effective tool for modern concrete enterprise vehicle management through multiple cameras. After installing the GPS intelligent management system, the management center can dispatch vehicles targetedly at any time, know the location and detailed data information of the vehicles, avoid personal cheating by drivers, and minimize various resource wastes at all stages, achieving the highest work efficiency. Optimizing resource allocation for concrete enterprises and improving their market competitiveness will play a positive role.

Cement Truck camera system features

Real-time monitoring

GPS real-time positioning-Real-time query of the specific geographic location of the Cement Truck, combined with electronic maps to display the vehicle's driving information.

Real-time tracking-Track dynamic data of the Cement Truck, such as driving speed, direction, and specific location information.

Area search-Search for all vehicles in a certain area on the electronic map, facilitating quick vehicle positioning.

Trajectory playback-The server automatically records all driving routes and speed information within six months and provides them to management personnel to analyze whether the driver's work route is reasonable.

Route planning-Reasonably plan the driving route to avoid detours and reduce private loading and stealing. After the vehicle has completed its journey, check whether the driver has followed the planned route.

Fuel consumption detection

Real-time grasp of the fuel consumption status of the Cement Truck, to prevent drivers from stealing fuel. The weighing sensor automatically weighs and uploads it to the platform.

Real-time fuel consumption monitoring

Advanced driver assistance system(ADAS)/BSD

Distracted driving, smoking, looking around, yawning, making phone calls, leaving the steering wheel, approaching the front vehicle, leaving the road, etc.

Alarm reminder:

Fatigue driving alarm, speeding alarm, line alarm

Rich statistical reports

The system provides rich information queries, including unloading reports dedicated to concrete, driving data reports for Cement Truck vehicles, driving journey statistics tables, driving data analysis tables, overspeed record lists, fuel/speed/journey linear charts, idle time statistics tables, vehicle driving daily reports, refueling records, parking records; various alarm information query tables, historical operation record tables, terminal online statistics tables, etc. Based on actual changes, these basic information can be maintained, including adding, deleting, modifying, etc."

Cement Truck camera system installation

Cement Truck Camera System

The YUWEI Concrete mixer truck camera system has been applied by fleets in more than 30 countries worldwide. With the same performance camera system hardware, YUWEI's product costs have an advantage. We are located in China and we also welcome you to visit our factory.

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