Best Haul Truck Camera System

Haul Truck CCTV Camera System

Date Time: February 10, 2024
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Best Haul Truck Camera System

YUWEI Haul Truck CCTV Camera System reduces 70% of safety accidents, eliminates blind spots, provides collision warning, fatigue monitoring, and more, ensuring a safer driving experience for Haul Truck operators.

haul truck camera system

Challenges in managing Haul Trucks include

1. Large vehicle size leading to significant blind spots.

2. 24/7 continuous shifts causing driver fatigue.

3. Poor road conditions leading to potential off-road incidents and speeding.

4. Lack of supervision on fuel consumption and quantity.

5. Unclear vehicle status and inadequate maintenance.


The substantial blind spots in Haul Trucks make accidents involving other vehicles imminent, as seen in a mining area in China in 2020, where a small car was unfortunately caught underneath a Haul Truck, resulting in one fatality and one serious injury.


YUWEI Haul Truck 360 Camera System incorporates four high-definition wide-angle cameras, creating a 360-degree panoramic view through AI algorithms, eliminating blind spots. Equipped with a 4G communication network, it provides real-time audio and video synchronized images, alerting drivers to obstacles and people around the vehicle.


YUWEI Haul Truck CCTV Camera System hardware configuration includes

Front camera, right-side camera, left-side camera, reverse camera, onboard terminal (Mobile DVR), fatigue driving camera, and onboard display screen.


Driver Monitoring System (DMS) for fatigue driving detection and recognition of fatigue-related violations

Safety identification features include closed-eye detection, yawning, smoking, drinking, phone usage, looking around, distraction, nodding, and seatbelt status.


4G remote video monitoring system with BDS/GPS real-time positioning

Offers remote mobile/computer video monitoring, historical trajectory playback, overspeed alerts, two-way voice communication, vehicle dispatching, fuel consumption monitoring to prevent theft, positive-turning alerts, and electronic fencing.


Remote information processing system

Real-time monitoring with vehicle maps and live video surveillance, alarm centers for alarm queries, alarm linkage strategies, etc.


haul truck cctv system

Installation case of Haul Truck CCTV Camera System

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group - Terex 100-ton mining truck.

In a mining operation in Sichuan, the oversized body and blind spots of mining trucks caused frequent safety accidents due to blind spot issues. Drivers were often driving at excessive speeds, and their non-compliant driving behavior was challenging to control, resulting in significant losses for the company. YUWEI's Haul Truck CCTV Camera System completely solves the driver's blind spot problem, eliminating concerns about blind spots while driving. Additionally, if pedestrians or small vehicles approach the vehicle, the driver is alerted through radar. YUWEI's comprehensive solution includes fatigue driving warnings, monitoring of cabin operational behavior, remote monitoring and positioning systems, real-time remote video surveillance, and fuel consumption monitoring. This has provided significant assistance to mining enterprises, realizing an integrated AI intelligent monitoring safety system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Haul Truck Camera System cost?

The cost of a single Haul Truck Camera ranges from $25 to $35, depending on the specific features it offers. The total cost for a complete set of hardware, as outlined in our article, can be obtained by requesting a quote at (

How does the Haul Truck Camera System work?

The Haul Truck Camera System captures real-time images around the truck using high-definition cameras. It employs image processing technology to analyze and process the captured data, which is then transmitted to the display system for real-time viewing. Simultaneously, the data can be stored and played back, enhancing driving safety, transportation efficiency, and accident response capabilities.
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