What is a Dascam?

What is a Dascam?

Date Time: October 08, 2023
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What is a Dascam?

What is a Dascam? Some users may misspell 'dashcam' as 'dascam,' but they both refer to an onboard camera system used for recording while driving. Yuwei is a manufacturer that supports affordable purchasing options.

What is a Dascam

Let me introduce our dash cam V5 to you

The V5 is an AI commercial vehicle dedicated dash cam that combines positioning, 4G communication, video storage, and transmission. It supports features like 1 channel of 1080P and 3 channels of 720P video recording.

High-definition video:

1 channel of 1080P high-definition video and 3 channels of 720P video (Please consult with the engineer for specifics).

Driver behavior monitoring:

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) + Driver Monitoring System (DMS).

Real-time tracking:

Uploads latitude and longitude information at specified time intervals.

Data upload in blind areas:

The device stores location data in areas with no network coverage and uploads it when GSM signal is good.

Data upload during positional deformity:

When the device's orientation changes beyond a certain angle, it immediately uploads a positional data to optimize trajectory.

Power-off alarm:

By activating the backup battery, the device uploads an alarm to the server when the vehicle voltage drops below 5V.

Remote upgrade:

The device supports remote firmware updates.

Speeding alarm:

Set the maximum speed limit value via the platform or SMS command. When the GPS speed exceeds the set value, the device will send an alarm to the server.

SOS alarm:

In case of emergency, the SOS button can be triggered to send an alarm and report to the platform.

Voice intercom/monitoring:

Supports two-way communication for real-time voice monitoring inside the vehicle.

Video locking:

Automatically locks videos to prevent loss in case of collisions or other emergencies. Emergency videos are automatically uploaded to an FTP server.

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Related questions and answers

How to choose a dascam that suits me

Choosing a suitable dashcam depends on your needs and budget. Consider factors like recording resolution, viewing angle, night vision capability, GPS navigation function, parking monitoring, automatic emergency recording, etc.

What are the common scenarios where dascams are used?

Dashcams are widely used in the automotive industry, such as driving records, accident evidence collection, insurance claims, driving behavior monitoring, etc. They can also be used for travel recording, scenic shooting, or recording personal driving skills.

How to install and use a dascam?

Typically, dashcams are mounted between the front and rear windshields of the vehicle and connected to the car's power supply via a cigarette lighter socket or directly to the vehicle's circuit system. Once installed, simply start the car and the dashcam will begin recording the driving video automatically.

How does a dascam store recorded footage?

Dashcams usually use built-in storage media such as SD or microSD cards to store the recorded footage. Some high-end dashcams can also upload the footage to the cloud for backup and access via Wi-Fi or cloud storage features. It is necessary to regularly clear the storage card to ensure continuous recording.

Is it legal to use a dashcam?

The use of dashcams varies depending on local laws and regulations. You need to understand whether it is allowed and legal to use a dashcam based on the laws and regulations of your area. In some countries or regions, especially in cases involving privacy rights, there may be some restrictions. It is important to comply with local laws and regulations.

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