Automobile exhaust monitoring system

Date Time: October 08, 2023
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Author: yuweitek

The Automobile Exhaust Monitoring System combines a system platform with consulting services to build a heavy-duty diesel vehicle OBD data networking and analysis platform. The system achieves OBD data networking and comprehensive analysis applications by mining the relationship between vehicle operating conditions and exhaust emissions through the integration of remote sensing monitoring data and environmental protection detection data. This platform provides support for government departments to carry out targeted diesel vehicle pollution control.

Automobile exhaust monitoring system

Functions of the system include:

◆ OBD data networking: Provides data access for OBD monitoring terminals and enterprise platforms and connects to provincial or national OBD monitoring platforms according to national standard specifications.

◆ Heavy-duty diesel vehicle OBD remote monitoring and management platform: Provides real-time monitoring, data management, alarm management, flow analysis, pollution analysis, correlation analysis, and other functions, enabling the monitoring of heavy-duty diesel vehicle traffic rules, vehicle operating status, exhaust emission characteristics, and their relationship with working conditions. The platform can also evaluate the impact of screw propeller vehicle exhaust emissions on state-controlled locations.

◆ Customized analysis services: Provides report preparation services for diesel vehicle OBD monitoring data and vehicle pollution analysis.

Functions of the Automobile Exhaust Monitoring System include:

Real-time monitoring:

Displays information about vehicles equipped with OBD monitoring devices in the area on a GIS map, including driving information, fault information, driving trajectory, OBD online status, etc. This allows for real-time monitoring of vehicle operating conditions and OBD device operation status, as well as displaying remote sensing monitoring data for motor vehicle exhaust emissions.

Data management:

① Displays real-time and historical monitoring data for vehicle OBD;

② Manages basic vehicle information, such as license plate number, vehicle model, engine model, fuel type, approved load, emission stage, etc.

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