Best Dash Cam for fleet Vehicles

Best Dash Cam for fleet Vehicles

Date Time: October 07, 2023
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Best Dash Cam for fleet Vehicles

Dash Cam for Fleet Vehicles

China Yuwei provides customers with comprehensive video information of road accidents and driving events through dash cam footage and driving data from fleet vehicles. Fleet dash cams utilize artificial intelligence technology to identify various risky driving behaviors and notify drivers in real-time. This allows them to take immediate action to avoid danger or damage. Additionally, you have full control over camera configurations to help meet the privacy needs of drivers and businesses.

Best Dash Cam for fleet Vehicles

Features of Fleet Dash Cams

Our driver-focused dash cam system offers excellent video quality and easy access to videos and driver insights, making it the best dash cam platform for busy fleets. Most dash cams lack the quality and availability that our product provides for your team.

1. Enhanced driver safety through advanced assistance systems.

2. Real-time vehicle tracking via GPS.

3. Real-time support through live video streaming.

Increasing Adoption of Dash Cams

If it's an understatement to say that dash cams have become increasingly popular over the past decade:

In 2013, only 1% of vehicles were equipped with dash cams.

By 2017, this percentage had risen to 17%.

Current statistics show that this number has now reached 25%.

Cost of Dash Cams

You can contact our engineers for an official quote. On average, our system can save 20% on insurance premiums, effectively recovering the cost.

This provides significant value and makes the decision to purchase dash cams for your fleet an easy one, offsetting the reduction in insurance costs.

How AI Dash Cams Work

Artificial intelligence in the cameras detects potential hazards and immediately sends audible alerts to the driver. The driver can quickly refocus their attention or adjust their behavior safely.

The video of the incident is uploaded to the cloud for analysis. Cloud-based AI categorizes the videos based on severity and flags other risky behaviors, such as violating parking signs.

After uploading a dangerous driving event, the system notifies managers who can review the footage and decide if safety guidance is needed. The videos are available for download for 90 days.

Efficient Management of Fleet Safety

Our AI dash cams for road and driver safety can even benefit the largest fleets by closely monitoring the entire fleet and drivers.

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