Driver Monitoring System Price

Driver Monitoring System Price

Date Time: January 30, 2024
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Driver Monitoring System Price

The driving monitoring system includes a driver monitoring camera and a motion sensor that aim at the driver's face. It can monitor the driver in real time and efficiently identify potential dangers or illegal behaviors such as eating, smoking, fatigue driving, and inattention by monitoring the driver's behavior. By providing synchronized data with the cloud and real-time data, it helps fleet managers solve potential problems that affect the driver's safe driving in a timely manner, thereby improving fleet efficiency.

Driver Monitoring System Price

Fatigue driving identification and warning

When drivers drive long distances on trucks, delivery vehicles, taxis, and online cars, they are prone to fatigue. Using DMS technology, it can identify whether the driver's head and eyes show signs of fatigue and issue an alarm when the driver is fatigued.

Attention-diversion behavior identification and warning

Using a mobile phone, eating and drinking, and smoking not only distract the driver's attention from the road but also cause fatal traffic accidents. DMS technology can identify these potential dangerous behaviors and issue an alarm when it identifies such behaviors to warn the driver to take necessary safety measures.

Security procedure identification and warning

Not following safety procedures, such as not wearing a seat belt, can cause serious driver injury and potential insurance and legal liabilities. DMS technology can be highly customized based on customer needs to detect violations of procedures and remind drivers to follow procedures.

Driver behavior management

Drivers who drive vehicles at high speeds for a long time often bear tremendous pressure. Using DMS technology can effectively identify the driver's condition and detect their specific behaviors. It supports fleet managers in detecting issues that may affect the driver's health and behavior and taking appropriate measures to address these issues.

Driver identity security identification

The key requirement of fleet management is to protect vehicles and valuable cargo from being stolen and ensure passenger safety. DMS technology can integrate face recognition algorithms to identify and confirm the driver's identity, which can significantly reduce the risk of vehicle theft and prevent passengers from being endangered by unauthorized drivers driving the vehicle.

The price of the Driver Monitoring System ranges from
30 USD to 80 USD, depending on the type of DSM camera you want and the supported features. Different prices have different supported features.

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