Express Logistics Fleet Management (Monitoring + GPS Positioning + Tracking Management System)

Date Time: November 20, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

Express logistics is the main road fleet, and we can always see the transportation fleet of express logistics no matter where we are. They are the largest fleet group in the world and one of the most difficult to manage.

Express Logistics Fleet Management

To help logistics fleets better control costs, improve efficiency, strengthen supervision, and standardize fleet management, YUWEI in China has launched a Fleet Management Solution, providing a one-stop solution for logistics and freight vehicles.

Challenges of traditional express logistics fleet management:

1. Inability to effectively understand the vehicle's status and real-time dispatch

2. Disordered vehicle dispatch management, low efficiency, and high costs

3. Unknown vehicle whereabouts and uncontrollable driving routes

4. Low vehicle utilization and high vehicle costs

5. Difficulty in managing vehicles that violate routes

YUWEI Fleet Monitoring and Management Solution:

In the transportation company's transportation dispatch room, fleet management, and transportation operation vehicles, a GPSBDS monitoring and dispatch system is installed and operated, which uses mobile communication networks to build a system supervised by the company for each transportation fleet, vehicle management and maintenance, vehicle dispatch situations, while coordinating transportation points for vehicles, and combining existing vehicles to generate an intuitive and timely voice dispatch and precise GPS positioning management system.

Video surveillance: Based on AI visual technology and image recognition, it intelligently detects dangerous driving behaviors such as smoking or phone usage by drivers, supports pedestrian detection warnings, lane departure warnings, and comprehensively monitors and tracks the vehicle operation status, vehicle loading, and cargo conditions in real time to maximize driving safety.

Real-time monitoring of vehicle positioning trajectory: 

Real-time grasp of vehicle status and view travel trajectories through GPS hardware devices; when GPS is offline and the vehicle leaves the electronic fence area, automatic alerts are triggered. For users who cannot be contacted within the specified period, remote fuel and power cutoff for the vehicle is supported.

PC-side backend management: 

Management content covers basic information of vehicles (such as license plate number, vehicle type, tonnage, color, etc.), insurance information (theft insurance, natural insurance, etc.), safety records, accidents, loans, etc. The system collects, records, and provides modification, deletion, and query functions for all this information of the vehicles.

Real-time positioning and tracking function: 

View the real-time distribution of vehicles, vehicle status, and equipment status, and update the positioning information at 10-second intervals.

Mileage statistics function: 

Analyze the mileage of each monitored vehicle, monitor fuel consumption through external fuel rods, and calculate vehicle maintenance time.

Electronic fence function: 

The system can customize electronic fences, and vehicle entry and exit from the fence will trigger an alarm, effectively monitoring vehicle driving routes.

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