Truck Dash Camera Systems

The best Truck Dash Camera Systems

Date Time: December 18, 2023
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Truck Dash Camera Systems

Global economic development is rapidly increasing the demand for transportation of oversized and overweight goods. Large-scale trucks have numerous tires and characteristics such as excessive length, width, and weight, making driving such trucks inherently risky. There are blind spots and risks of tire blowouts. Once an accident occurs, it can have a significant impact on the economy and society. Therefore, it is crucial to strengthen real-time monitoring of large vehicles.

truck dash camera systems

Challenges in truck management:

- Non-compliant driving: For the transportation of overweight trucks, there are strict speed control requirements. However, some drivers lack a sense of responsibility and frequently engage in speeding and fatigue driving, which greatly increases the risk of traffic accidents. The long and wide dimensions of the vehicles create large blind spots for the drivers, making accidents more likely.

- Difficulty in monitoring multiple tires: Heavy trucks equipped with numerous tires face challenges in monitoring tire pressure. High or low tire pressure can lead to weight distribution issues among the tires, increasing the risk of tire blowouts. Real-time monitoring of tire pressure and timely warnings are crucial for vehicle safety.

- Real-time monitoring and record retrieval: Remote management centers need to monitor vehicles in real-time, including their location, speed, and tire pressure. It should be possible to track accidents through trajectory queries and video playback analysis.

YUWEI Solution: 

Truck Dash Camera Systems" achieve high-precision vehicle positioning, real-time audio and video dispatching, real-time fuel collection, tire pressure detection, blind spot radar detection, and warning by installing 4G wireless video intelligent onboard terminal kits (dash cam, MDVR, onboard cameras, ADAS, DSM, etc.) on trucks. The data is transmitted to the backend monitoring cloud platform via 4G.

truck dash cam systems

Features of Truck Dash Camera Systems:

- Full-coverage video monitoring: Real-time video monitoring of vehicles allows remote viewing of live situations and historical video data. When the vehicle turns left or right, the onboard system dynamically switches the corresponding video display, providing driving assistance to the driver. GPS high-precision positioning provides real-time information about the location and current condition of each vehicle. Any deviation from the preset transportation route triggers an alarm, and the vehicle's historical trajectory can be retrieved.

- Tire pressure monitoring: Wireless tire pressure sensors are installed on all tires of the vehicle. They wirelessly transmit data to the onboard terminal, promptly notifying the driver and the backend monitoring center if there are any abnormal tire pressures.

- Safety driving assistance system: AI-enabled ADAS+DSM cameras intelligently detect driver fatigue signs such as yawning, eye closure, smoking, phone usage, drinking, and distraction, reminding drivers to maintain safe driving habits. It also provides forward collision warning (FCW), headway monitoring warning (HMW), and lane departure warning (LDW).

- Vehicle driving status detection: The onboard terminal incorporates unique AI algorithms to detect dynamic vehicle movements such as sudden acceleration, deceleration, sharp turns, and rollover collisions, triggering alarms.

- Blind spot detection radar system: An integrated blind spot radar alarm system can be installed on the right side of the vehicle to detect and warn of blind spots and pedestrian presence, reducing the risk of traffic accidents.

- Fine fuel consumption management: Transparent display of the entire fuel consumption process, timely alarms for abnormal consumption, prevention of fuel theft, and report output of fuel consumption per volume and per kilometer.

- Voice prompts: A voice broadcasting device is installed in the vehicle, allowing remote issuance of real-time dispatch information, which is played immediately. When a vehicle emergency occurs, the system automatically plays an alert to draw attention.

- Data statistics: Attendance reports, operation reports, and alarm reports.

- One-click emergency alarm: In the event of accidents or other incidents, one-click emergency alarms are supported, and the vehicle's location is sent to the management system backend, enabling immediate rescue planning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which trucks does this camera system apply to?

Commercial trucks, semi-trailer trucks, work trucks, track trucks, express trucks, dump trucks, trailers, large trucks, box trucks, food distribution trucks, garbage trucks, etc.

If my fleet camera needs change, what should I do?

We understand that as your fleet business grows and the number of vehicles increases, you may require more advanced tracking management features. Our Yuwei system supports secondary development, and we will recommend to you the latest monitoring devices and management platform that can meet your needs.

What certifications has your truck dash camera systems?

YUWEI's truck safety cameras have obtained international certifications such as the FCC certification in the United States, CE certification in Europe, and CCC certification in China. We possess relevant certificates to ensure product quality and meet customer procurement requirements.

How much does a safety cameras for trucks cost?

The price of a standard safety cameras for trucks is $25. If you have specific customization requirements, please communicate with our engineers, and we will provide an official detailed quotation based on your functional needs.



Do you have software for truck surveillance camera system?

YUWEI has independently developed a fleet management software system that supports vehicle dispatching, monitoring, statistics, fuel consumption management, and driver management. Our hardware devices are compatible with integration into third-party software systems. Feel free to inquire for more information.

Are the truck security camera systems waterproof and dustproof?

Our van surveillance cameras have passed IP67 certification. You can purchase them with confidence."
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