Logistics Fleet Tracking Management Solution

Date Time: November 17, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

As we all know, the high operating costs and vehicle management issues such as transportation safety have always been important challenges for logistics operators. To help logistics operators achieve digital and visualized management of their fleets and reduce operational costs, YUWEI from China has launched the AI Fleet Management System, which is currently used in over 30 countries worldwide. Below, we will introduce how this system enables cost reduction and efficiency improvement through digital and visualized fleet management.

Logistics Fleet Tracking Management Solution

The YUWEI AI logistics Fleet Management System provides basic location services based on GPS and BeiDou positioning systems, including vehicle positioning, vehicle tracking, and trajectory playback, allowing for real-time monitoring of vehicle dynamics.

The system offers eight key features, including automatic trip recognition, real-time task monitoring, real-time exception alerts, real-time dynamic sharing, automated evidence collection, real-time manual intervention, automatic trip ticket generation, and liability judgment result output. Managers can monitor vehicles in transit remotely in real-time, automatically generate fleet operation data, and efficiently generate settlement basis, providing visualized management and support for logistics fleet operations and management.

Through big data analysis, the fleet management system provides accurate cost management for fleet customers and precise fuel consumption analysis for driver behavior. For example, by obtaining engine data such as braking, idle time, speeding, and acceleration, the system can conduct precise fuel consumption analysis of driver behavior, manage and improve driving skills, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

The fleet management system also provides reliable safety management for fleet customers through big data analysis. It achieves reasonable performance evaluation of drivers and sub-fleets through 3G video surveillance and real-time safety management dashboards. Additionally, it can provide timely reminders and control of abnormal situations and safety risks within the fleet.

"With the YUWEI Fleet Management System, we can have a clear understanding of real-time vehicle usage, vehicle diagnostics, tracking evaluation, vehicle maintenance, refueling records, service provider inquiries, service scheduling, customer service hotline, and more," said a cooperating customer.

In terms of vehicle maintenance, the system acts as a "personal caretaker" with maintenance management and remote diagnostic functions. It detects and records vehicle usage, providing timely reminders for when and what kind of maintenance the vehicles need. "This allows for better vehicle arrangement and prevents unexpected failures due to untimely maintenance."

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