Fleet Camera Systems Supplier Europe

Fleet Camera Systems Europe

Date Time: March 26, 2024
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Fleet Camera Systems Supplier Europe

Vehicle camera systems can protect your fleet and enhance safety. YUWEI's industry-leading vehicle camera system can help you proactively reduce risks and provide tailored driver guidance.

Fleet Camera Systems Europe

Ensure full coverage with onboard camera systems. From individual dashcams to complete 360° multi-camera solutions, our networked vehicle camera system series aims to provide accurate video evidence of every incident and detailed driver behavior data. With onboard camera systems, you can enhance safety, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. We offer a range of onboard camera systems customizable for various vehicles and industries.

Why install onboard camera systems? Our fleet camera system series aims to provide accurate video evidence of every incident and detailed driver behavior data. They can help identify and address unsafe driving behaviors, reduce accidents and claims, and provide evidence in disputes. YUWEI's state-of-the-art vehicle camera solutions can also offer insights into areas needing improvement, such as fuel efficiency and route optimization, and aid in improving customer service through real-time tracking.

Detect hazardous driving habits. Explore the next generation of onboard camera systems. YUWEI's ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and DMS (Driver Monitoring Systems) camera series utilize the latest AI technology to detect high-risk driver behaviors, such as distracted driving (phone usage, smoking, etc.), fatigue, lane departure, or tailgating, and issue audible warnings to drivers to prevent potential accidents.

Fleet Camera Systems Europe supplier


Advanced facial recognition technology monitors signs of fatigue such as closed eyes and yawning.

Phone usage

Audible alerts prevent drivers from using phones while driving when detected.

Lane departure

Front-facing ADAS cameras detect lane departure and alert drivers with in-cabin audible warnings.

Find the right onboard camera solution for your fleet. Our camera system packages are designed to enhance fleet safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness and can be customized to meet each customer's unique needs. With a wide range of customizable options, YUWEI enables customers to flexibly choose the camera system that best suits their requirements and budget.

Equip your vehicles with blind spot detection systems. To enhance road safety, European Regulation R151 mandates that new trucks and buses weighing over 3.5 tons must be equipped with blind spot detection systems. Effective July 7, 2024, this regulation is enforceable, meaning newly registered trucks and buses must be equipped with BSD systems. YUWEI products have been approved and certified to meet the requirements outlined in Regulation R151.

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