YUWEI Fleet Camera System for trucks

Fleet Camera System for trucks

Date Time: November 03, 2023
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YUWEI Fleet Camera System for trucks

 YUWEI Fleet Camera Solution:

- Real-time GPS/BDS tracking: Provides real-time vehicle positioning functionality, ensuring you can always be aware of the vehicle's location.

- Real-time monitoring and playback of videos: Monitors the interior and exterior of the vehicle in real-time through continuous high-definition videos.

- Real-time monitoring of driver and vehicle status: Utilizes artificial intelligence technology to detect and capture unsafe or risky events and activities in real-time.

- One-click alarm: Supports one-click alarm functionality, helping you quickly issue alarms in emergency situations.

Fleet Camera System for trucks

Working principle of YUWEI Fleet Camera System:

1. Capturing real-time videos and GPS data: Regardless of whether the vehicle is parked or in motion, YUWEI Fleet Camera System can capture continuous high-definition videos of the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

2. Real-time detection of key events: With the help of AI monitoring technology, the system can detect and automatically capture unsafe or risky events and activities in real-time.

3. Sending immediate alarms and collecting footage: After an alarm is triggered, the edited video will be stored in the cloud and a link will be provided through SMS and email alerts, allowing you to view the footage of dangerous events or behaviors.

4. Viewing on the YUWEI Fleet Video Platform: Through the YUWEI Fleet Video Platform, you can view the complete travel history by specific date/time range and track the activities of all fleet vehicles in real-time. This platform can be accessed from any type of device you own.

Why your business needs to adopt the YUWEI Fleet Camera System:

- Accurate GPS tracking: The YUWEI Fleet Camera System is equipped with precise real-time GPS positioning functionality, suitable for commercial fleets, ensuring accurate vehicle location.

- Real-time alarms: 24/7 real-time monitoring through various alarm types such as driver behavior, engine speed, fuel level, and geofencing, protecting the fleet from distracted driving behaviors.

- Real-time recording: Utilize video evidence to protect innocent drivers from false claims, avoiding expensive legal disputes and unnecessary compensation.

- Enhancing brand reputation: Equipped with the advanced YUWEI Fleet Camera System, you can elevate your customer service level. By providing real-time location data, efficient routes, and accurate arrival time records, you enhance transparency and provide unparalleled service to valued customers, thereby boosting your brand reputation.


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