Fleet Vehicle Remote Monitoring System

Fleet Vehicle Remote Monitoring System (Telematics)

Date Time: June 18, 2024
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Fleet Vehicle Remote Monitoring System

With the advancement of technology, remote monitoring is becoming increasingly important in the management of public transportation such as school buses, coaches, and buses. YUWEI in China has launched a vehicle remote monitoring solution tailored for this scenario, which not only ensures passenger safety but also enhances regulatory efficiency.

Fleet Vehicle Remote Monitoring System

Onboard Remote Monitoring Solution

The onboard remote monitoring solution involves installing cameras in passenger areas and compact cameras in the driver's cabin. These cameras are unifiedly connected to video terminals (such as DVRs) within the local area network for management and storage. Some vehicles can also be equipped with 4G routers or 4G onboard cameras for GPS positioning. All front-end devices transmit data via 4G signals to the monitoring center for centralized storage, unified supervision, and dispatch.

 Fleet Vehicle Remote Monitoring System

Real-time GPS Precise Positioning

For vehicles like school buses and coaches, 4G onboard communication supporting BDS, GPS, and other high-precision positioning technologies enables accurate tracking of vehicle locations and effective monitoring of driving conditions.


Real-time Positioning

Fleet managers can directly view the real-time location of fleet vehicles through the IVMS backend and app, facilitating vehicle management.


Historical Route Tracking

It also supports one-click generation of historical route maps and easy querying of vehicle historical movements.


AI Algorithm Assistance for Ensuring Safe Driving

The safety of driver behavior in traffic safety is paramount. YUWEI's DSM cameras, equipped with algorithms for detecting smoking and mobile phone usage, are installed in front of the driver. They alert authorities immediately upon detecting relevant violations, while also uploading alarm messages and capture records to the monitoring center. This not only deters distracted driving on the spot but also facilitates accountability afterwards, ensuring dual oversight of driver distractions.


Back-office staff can receive alarm messages promptly via mobile apps, web, etc.


What are the Functions of Onboard Remote Monitoring Systems?

Enhance Driving Safety and Reduce Potential Risks

Through onboard monitoring devices, safe driving behavior can be monitored, and alerts can be issued promptly to prevent safety accidents caused by distractions.


Enhance Vehicle Management Efficiency

Real-time monitoring of vehicle status and location information prevents unauthorized use or other violations.


Cost Savings and Efficiency Improvement

With comprehensive monitoring equipment, not only driver behavior but also passenger cabins can be monitored. In case of disputes, relevant monitoring footage can be directly accessed, avoiding the need for extensive manpower and material resources for evidence collection.

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