Which places are easy to install GPS Tracker in Car

How to Find a GPS Tracker in Your Car

Date Time: November 18, 2022
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Which places are easy to install GPS Tracker in Car

First of all, let's talk about what is vehicle GPS Tracker. Car GPS positioning system is based on GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system. Electrical alarm function. The vehicle-mounted GPS positioning system we are talking about here does not refer to the GPS positioning system installed on the vehicle itself for vehicle navigation, vehicle rescue and other functions. It is the GPS Tracker installed artificially in the later period, which is usually used to monitor the vehicle, even installed in places where the owner does not know.


Which places are easy to install GPS Tracker in Car

Which places are easy to install GPS Tracker in Car?

For special vehicles such as mortgage cars and large trucks, this locator is installed by the unit and installed online. It needs to be powered by the power supply in the car to achieve the purpose of long-term use.


Trackers are also installed on private cars on the road and must be easily accessible and installed inside the vehicle.


Our focus is on portable locators. What everyone is most concerned about and needs to check is whether the locator has the wiretapping function.


Due to its small size, GPS Tracker can be easily hidden in any part of the car. It is the most difficult for us to find manually. Even if you take the car apart, you may not be able to find it, so you need to use a detector to check;


Here are a few common locations, such as: co-pilot glove box, under the steering wheel, under the seat, inside the front and rear doors, at the seat gap, at the footrest, at the door glove box, under the chassis, trunk, front and rear bumpers, etc.


For the locator on the outside of the car, it is mainly to check the chassis of the car. There are not many places where the other party cannot enter the car. It's easy to see when the car is raised.


And if it is a large truck, ship, etc., it is the cab and other places, and there are more places for convenient placement. Better to think differently. Finding them manually is next to impossible. It is easiest to check with an instrument. , a reliable method.


How to find and delete GPS Tracker?

1. Since the installation location is very complicated, it is recommended to find a professional repair shop or 4S shop to remove it;

Disadvantage: After dismantling, there is no guarantee that the locator will no longer be installed on the car, and it cannot be done once and for all.

2. The GPS tracker installed on the car is like a mobile phone. A SIM card is required to receive and send messages. It has a certain frequency in the working state. If you use a GPS finder, you can quickly find where your GPS tracker is installed. .

Conclusion: If you buy the equipment yourself, you can check and find it frequently, and there are professional technicians to guide you, so there is no operation problem.


GPS Tracker in Car

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