3 Channel Dash Camera with WiFi, GPS, and Cloud

3 Channel Dash Cam with WiFi, GPS, and Cloud

Date Time: May 16, 2024
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Author: YUWEI

3 Channel Dash Camera with WiFi, GPS, and Cloud

YUWEI from China offers wholesale of low-cost 3 Channel Dash Cams equipped with WiFi, GPS, and cloud functionality. We provide a variety of styles for customers to choose from, including the V5 Pro version. In addition to supporting GPS positioning, WiFi, and 4G connectivity, it also supports ADAS system, DSM system, BSD blind spot monitoring, and cloud server storage functions. Feel free to learn more details.


3 Channel Dash Cam with WiFi

Functions of the Dash Cam

- Powerful Chipset: Supports neural network inference engine, providing outstanding computing performance! Compared to traditional non-AI chips and weak AI chips in active safety car terminals, our algorithm accuracy is improved by 30%, greatly reducing missed reports and false alarms. Integrated deep learning algorithms completely solve the problem of false alarms.

- Low Power Consumption, High Stability: H.265 hardware compression mode saves 40% transmission bandwidth and storage space compared to H.264 at the same image quality.

- High-performance AI Processor: Integrated with 1.2T computational power NPU and neural network inference engine, providing ultra-strong computing performance. Built-in algorithms include ADAS (forward safety active warning), DSM (dangerous driving behavior analysis), BSD function (blind spot detection function), driver face recognition authentication; more algorithms can be integrated such as: hands-off the steering wheel, dual BSD, etc. Algorithm supports remote upgrade combination, remote calibration of AI algorithms, adjustment of algorithm sensitivity, algorithm and facial resource updates.

3 Channel Dash Cam with gps

DMS-Fatigued driving 

 3 Channel Dash Cam with WiFi


 3 Channel Dash Cam with WiFi

HOD-seat belt detection

3 Channel Dash Cam with WiFi 


3 Channel Dash Cam with WiFi


- Multiple Storage Methods: Supports SD card/hard disk storage recording, professional operation and maintenance APP can be installed and maintained through mobile phones.

- Multiple Video Input and Output: Supports 8-channel video input, maximum supports 8-channel 1080P full real-time 240-frame high-definition video monitoring/recording; leading mixed insertion mode, supports 1080P, 960P, 720P, D1 and other camera arbitrary inputs. 3-channel video output (1-channel CVBS video front + 1-channel CVBS video rear; 1-channel VGA output optional).

- Rich Audio Functionality: Supports 5-channel audio input (including 1-channel MIC intercom input), supports 3-channel audio output. Integrated 1-channel microphone.

- Wide Voltage Input, Low Power Design: 8V-36V adaptive wide voltage input, supports reverse connection protection, over-voltage, over-current, overload protection, can output 12V@1A and 5V@1A to power peripheral devices. Supports UPS technology, the machine can work for 8-11 seconds under abnormal power failure, saving key data after power failure to ensure that data is not lost, disks are not damaged, and the integrity of event processes is maintained.

- Backup Battery Support: Built-in backup battery supports power-off GPS upload. SD card/hard disk storage (supports 2 large-capacity SD cards), can completely resist data damage caused by vibration and dust on the car.

- Rich Interfaces and Expansion Functions: Supports 2 USB interfaces for data backup and device upgrade, supports up to 10 alarm inputs (2 analog + 8 IO alarm inputs), 2 relay alarm outputs, supports 2 CAN interfaces, 2 RS232, 1 RS485, supports GPS/BD/G-SENSOR module expansion.

- Remote Monitoring and Management: Remote monitoring is achieved through 4G, supports WIFI module, and automatic data download. Supports SMS remote configuration/control of devices, TTS Chinese and English voice functions.

- Voice Functionality: Supports voice broadcast, intercom, and text dispatch functions, can expand oil level sensors, temperature sensors, card readers, LED advertising screens. Supports voice call function, can call mobile phones or device numbers.

- Automatic Upgrade Functionality: OTA device automatic upgrade, devices can automatically upgrade for version updates, making maintenance more convenient.

- Security Assurance: High-reliability aviation head interface, cost-effective, stable and reliable. Can integrate security chips to encrypt data transmission to ensure data security (optional).


System Interface and Operation

- New System Interface: Intuitive interface display, supports mouse and remote control operation.

- Rich Operation and Maintenance Methods: Remote controller and mouse can be used for operation and management.


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