Remote Fuel Monitoring System for Vehicle

Remote Fuel Consumption Monitoring System for Vehicle

Date Time: February 20, 2024
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Remote Fuel Monitoring System for Vehicle

How much fuel each vehicle uses?  

How to be informed of any fuel theft?  

How to optimize the consumption of your vehicles?  

YUWEI' fuel monitoring system allows you to fight effectively against theft and to monitor the fuel consumption of your fleet.

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The GPS tracker is equipped with a fuel consumption sensor and then connects the data to the cloud management platform. A complete set of management solutions can solve the fuel consumption and scheduling management problems of logistics transportation, hazardous chemical transportation, construction machinery, and official vehicles. Managers can have an accurate, convenient, and effective vehicle fuel consumption monitoring system to improve fuel consumption management, control abnormal fuel consumption of vehicles, optimize driver’s driving behavior, prevent fuel stealing, reduce costs, and improve vehicle operation efficiency of enterprises.

fuel monitoring system for vehicles

Fleet management technology is changing the way fleet managers look at vehicle fuel consumption. Every fleet, big or small, must pay for fuel. The challenge is to consume it in the most effective way possible.

As a result of escalating demand and costs, theft of fuel from stationary tanks and transport tankers is on the rise, business owners and fleet managers seek cost-effective ways to manage this unavoidable expense, GPS fleet tracking technology can be one of the most cost effective option for fleet managers who needs to know exactly how much fuel is lost as well as GPS location of incidents when the loss occurs during transportation.

In addition to notification of a sudden change alert, a well-designed remote fuel level monitoring solution can help to manage fuel consumption, reduce margins and heavy competition in delivery, distribution and transportation service industries, provide a measureable return on investment.

In general, a remote-fuel level monitoring solution consists of the following 3 components:

- Fuel Level Sensor: One or more sensors will be installed in the tank to collect fuel level information.

- Telemetry Device: A GPS tracker will be interfaced with each fuel sensor to send reports and alerts of fuel level via GSM/GPRS network.

- Fuel Monitoring Software Interface: Storing fuel information, analyzing information and generation of series of reports and diagrams, which based on Windows, Android and IOS, the clients can view real-time fuel monitoring information at any time.

Fuel Sensors For All Vehicles

Whether your fleet comprises trucks, cars, or buses, we cater to all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is remote fuel monitoring possible?

Yes, remote fuel monitoring is possible. With YUWEI you can remotely monitor fuel levels at all times and all fuel-related events such as refueling, and drainage. You can even track fuel consumption in every geolocation.

Is a fuel efficiency monitor different from a fuel monitoring system?

No. The function of both fuel efficiency monitor and fuel monitoring system is to monitor the fuel in the tank and compute the efficiency of the fuel and mileage of the vehicle at a particular moment based on input from the load sensor, type of road conditions, traffic conditions, and power management.

Can I monitor my fuel consumption in real-time?

Yes, you can monitor your fuel consumption in real-time. With the help of the YUWEI Fuel Monitoring system, you can stay one step ahead of pilferage. Receive instant alerts for fuel drainage and learn your vehicle's typical fuel consumption.

Is the fuel monitoring system accurate?

Yes, YUWEI Fuel Monitoring System is up to 97% accurate. The average inaccuracy in the fuel efficiency display of vehicles is 2.3 percent. However, vehicle error varies substantially, ranging from 6.4 to 2.8 percent. This specific data indicates that each vehicle reacts differently to changes in driving, and that accuracy can be influenced by driving style and road conditions.

How does a fuel level sensor work?

A fuel level sensor is used to monitor, maintain, and measure the level of fuel in a vehicle. After detecting the fuel level, the sensor turns the observed data into electronic signals. 
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