Tanker Truck Monitoring System Solution

Tanker Truck Vehicle Monitoring System Solution

Date Time: June 25, 2024
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Tanker Truck Monitoring System Solution

The Tanker Truck On-board Monitoring System is an advanced solution designed for the transportation of fuels such as gasoline and diesel. Due to the economic value of the transported crude oil, there are frequent incidents of theft by unlawful individuals. Traditional management methods struggle with real-time invocation and data sharing.

4G Monitoring System for Tanker Truck

Challenges in Tanker Truck Management:

Transporting crude oil poses significant difficulties for management. Traditional monitoring systems fail to achieve real-time invocation and data sharing during the tanker truck transportation process, resulting in crude oil losses and safety hazards. The YUWEI Tanker Truck On-board Monitoring System from China aims to address the following issues:

1) Although freight vehicles are equipped with GPS positioning systems, the security of crude oil is not assured, leading to leakage or theft.

2) Supervision of driver operations and vehicle routes is inadequate, increasing safety risks.

3) In cases of emergencies, delayed responses from the monitoring center lead to economic losses or delayed deliveries.


Components of the Tanker Truck On-board Monitoring System:

The system utilizes an MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder) to encode, store, and transmit audio, video, GPS, and alarm data via 4G mobile networks. It supports remote upgrades, parameter adjustments, digital intercom, remote snapshot capabilities, etc. A server-based monitoring center enables centralized management of vehicles, providing real-time viewing and management functions via a web client.


Detailed Solution Overview:

A: Front-end On-board Monitoring System

The core component of the solution involves installing cameras inside and outside the vehicle to capture audio and video data, ensuring comprehensive surveillance. Real-time vehicle positioning is achieved through GPS, and an on-board alarm switch provides alert notifications. Additional features like digital intercom and fatigue driving detectors further enhance safety. Data encoding, storage, and remote monitoring are facilitated by the MDVR.


B: Mobile Communication Network

Given the mobile nature of tanker trucks, audio, video, GPS, and alarm data are transmitted via 3G/4G mobile networks. Remote management operations include device upgrades, parameter adjustments, digital intercom, and alarm viewing.


C: Server Monitoring Center

The server monitoring center comprises IVMS server clusters, backend management software, and client software, forming the core of remote monitoring and management. It employs a centralized, distributed network management architecture to enable real-time remote monitoring, recording, snapshots, video search, and downloads for multiple vehicles. Integrated with GIS electronic maps, it allows viewing of vehicle distribution status, travel trajectories, alarm information, and automatic WiFi downloads of monitoring video files.


The Tanker Truck On-board Monitoring System employs advanced technological means to provide a comprehensive monitoring and management solution for tanker truck transportation, effectively enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

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