School Bus GPS Tracking

School Bus GPS Tracking + Camera System Solution

Date Time: April 10, 2024
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School Bus GPS Tracking

At YUWEI, we understand the complex needs of school bus operators, providing advanced IoT solutions to simplify operations, enhance efficiency, and achieve real-time visibility.

School Bus GPS Tracking


YUWEI is committed to transforming student transportation operations through cutting-edge GPS tracking and IoT solutions. With over twenty years of experience, we offer tailored solutions to reduce costs, streamline operations, and enhance fleet management.


Student Transportation Use Cases

- Efficient Fleet Management: YUWEI offers real-time bus tracking and route optimization, simplifying fleet operations, ensuring efficient route selection, and reducing costs and carbon emissions.

- Real-time Visibility: Accurately monitor driver arrival and departure times at each stop, ensuring student safety. With AI-supported LTE camera systems, events are recorded and vehicle interiors and exteriors are monitored in real-time, providing safety alerts and supervising student behavior.

- Maintenance Cost Savings: Receive alerts for aggressive driving behavior, reminders for key maintenance tasks, and reduce unexpected repairs. Monthly subscriptions include 24-7 roadside assistance.

- Potential Insurance Savings: Installation of GPS systems can qualify for insurance discounts based on driving behavior and accident reconstruction capabilities.

- Resource Allocation: Utilize GPS data to optimize bus routes and resource allocation, determining the most effective vehicle routes and personnel configuration levels, optimizing stops, and reducing route costs.


Why Choose YUWEI

- Industry Pioneer: Setting industry standards and continuously innovating.

- Customized Solutions: Meeting unique needs.

- Real-time Insights: Providing feasible insights into fleet performance.

- Reliability: Strong technical support, globally applicable.

- Privacy and Security: Advanced encryption ensures data security.


Unlocking the Future of Student Transportation Operations

Discover the transformative capabilities of YUWEI GPS and IoT solutions, optimizing routes, enhancing safety, and saving costs. Contact us now to learn how YUWEI can modernize your operations.

School Bus Q&A

What is School bus tracking management system?

A school bus tracking management system enhances the safety of students and vehicles by integrating the school bus system with GPS (Global Positioning System), providing real-time location data of students to parents and school authorities. Fleet managers can remotely view real-time detailed data of the school buses, including mileage, fuel consumption, GPS location, vehicle status, driver's status, and other information. All of this data can be accessed remotely from the backend of the management system.

How much does a school bus tracking management system cost?

The price of a school bus tracking management system depends on the hardware equipment and software features included. For example, factors such as the number of cameras you plan to install on the school bus, how many dash cams you want, and whether you need 1080p recording. You can submit your needs to us and we will reply to your email within 12 hours and provide a formal quotation.

*Our advantage lies in providing more competitive prices for similar products. (Because we are manufacturer in China)

Does the product pass regulatory certification test?

The hardware devices included in the yuwei school bus tracking management system are certified by the EU CE and ROHS tests and hold CE certification.

In addition, yuwei factory has internationally recognized ISO 9001 quality management system certification and ISO 14001 environmental management system qualifications; please rest assured when purchasing!

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