Taxi cab Camera Systems

Taxi cab Camera Systems and Despatch Systems

Date Time: March 05, 2024
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Taxi cab Camera Systems

Taxis have become a popular mode of transportation due to their convenience, speed, and comfort. With the increasing number of taxis, safety and operational management have become major concerns in the industry. Major safety incidents resulting from driver fatigue, speeding, and poor driving habits occur frequently. Issues such as unauthorized drivers taking shifts and fare manipulation are challenging to address.

As a leader in commercial vehicle equipment, China YUWEI offers taxi solutions that address industry needs. Using artificial intelligence and big data technology, YUWEI has developed an intelligent industry solution that integrates industry applications and risk management. This solution combines operational supervision and safety monitoring into a closed-loop management system, providing a safe, convenient, and efficient experience for both drivers and passengers.

Taxi Cab Camera Systems

Advantages of YUWEI Taxi Camera Solutions

Taxi Management System Platform

The platform enables vehicle monitoring and dispatch, video retrieval, and operational data display. It also facilitates safety control for drivers engaged in risky driving behaviors. The risk control function displays current or historical risky driving behaviors, generates corresponding risk reports based on historical records, and analyzes risk data using big data technology to help relevant departments formulate improvement strategies and reduce the probability of accidents.

On-board Terminal System

Provides functions such as software fare calculation, real-time positioning, communication, platform interaction, dispatching, trajectory replay, and remote fare adjustment. Additionally, the device offers various alarm services, including one-click alarm for drivers and passengers, speeding alarm, fare evasion detection alarm, abnormal mileage alarm, illegal area operation alarm, etc., ensuring passenger safety and enhancing travel experience.

Remote Monitoring System

Supports real-time positioning communication, remote real-time preview, video data storage, vehicle operation data storage, driver face recognition, fare evasion detection alarm, passenger counting, etc. It provides strong technical support for local data storage of vehicles and remote online management, helping the industry solve basic vehicle management problems.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

The ADAS system focuses on various sudden situations during vehicle travel in real-time, helping drivers anticipate risks in advance and take timely braking, steering, and other measures to avoid potential road risks.

Driver Behavior Monitoring System (DMS)

The advanced DMS detects various unsafe driving behaviors such as fatigue, smoking, phone use, distraction, and failure to wear seat belts in real-time, issuing timely alerts.

Taxi camera system Install

taxi camera system

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