Taxi CCTV Camera System

Taxi CCTV Camera System for Sale

Date Time: February 01, 2024
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Taxi CCTV Camera System

Taxi camera systems, utilizing on-board terminal devices as carriers and information systems as means, achieve comprehensive monitoring of the operational status of taxi vehicles, driver assessment, real-time monitoring of vehicle dynamics, supervision of violations and illegal operations, management of complaints and assessments, and support for data statistics.

Taxi CCTV Camera System

Why Install Taxi Camera Systems?

1. Prevent speeding, overloading, and other driving behaviors to improve road safety.

2. One-click emergency alarm to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.

3. 1080p HD video recording for easy accident evidence collection.

4. Strengthen supervision of ride-hailing vehicles.


Taxi Camera System Hardware Equipment

  • GPS-enabled dashcam

  • On-board cameras

  • Mobile DVR unit

  • On-board display screen

  • One-click alarm device

  • ADAS camera

  • DSM camera


Taxi Camera System

Taxi Camera System Functions

1080p HD video recording to document driving data

Local storage of 1080p HD videos for clear liability determination in case of accidents

Remote Network Real-time Video Monitoring

Remote monitoring of images and real-time listening via PC/mobile app using 4G connectivity


GPS/Beidou Positioning System

Support for Beidou or GPS positioning system to display real-time vehicle location information, enabling quick response in case of accidents


Remote Upgrade and Configuration Support

Remote upgrading and configuration of devices during vehicle operation, saving personnel costs


One-click Alarm

Installation of two alarm buttons, one in the driver's cabin and one in the rear seat, allowing one-click uploading to the control center, which displays the live scene and issues an audible alarm


Acceleration Sensor

Automatic upload of alarm information to the control center during emergency braking or other abnormal driving situations


Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Real-time focus on various sudden situations during vehicle travel, helping drivers anticipate risks and take timely measures to avoid potential road hazards


Driver Behavior Monitoring System

Real-time detection of various unsafe driving behaviors such as fatigue, smoking, phone use, distraction, and seatbelt non-compliance by the advanced Driver Monitoring System (DMS), issuing timely warnings.


Taxi Dispatch Functionality

Monitoring of idle, occupied, and ride-sharing states: The system continuously monitors the status of all taxi vehicles. Through GPS positioning and reasonable allocation and dispatch based on driving status, it ensures efficient utilization of taxi resources.


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