Taxi Management and Dispatch Systems

Taxi Management and Dispatch System

Date Time: June 24, 2024
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Taxi Management and Dispatch Systems

The "Taxi Management System" integrates GPS monitoring, 1080p audio and video surveillance, vehicle dispatch, vehicle management, driver management, and vehicle violation alerts into a single system. This system enables comprehensive monitoring and management of taxi company operations.

 Taxi Management and Dispatch System

Taxi Management System Features

1. Real-time Monitoring and Management

   - Vehicle Operation Monitoring: Establishes a real-time, accurate, complete, and intelligent tracking, display, and alarm system for taxi operations, ensuring that taxi management departments can promptly grasp the actual operating status of vehicles.

   - Vehicle Management System: Based on real-time feedback from the system on vehicle location, video information, and alerts, taxi management departments can perform various types of dispatch management such as overall vehicle dispatch, regional dispatch, centralized dispatch, and decentralized dispatch for empty vehicles.

   - Vehicle Violation Alarm Management

   - Historical Vehicle Track Playback

   - Historical Traffic Flow Playback

 Taxi Management and Dispatch System

2. Vehicle Video Surveillance

   - Real-time Video Viewing: Through the 3G/4G network, the system allows browsing and viewing of real-time video inside and outside the taxi. This provides insights into passenger conditions inside the vehicle and road conditions outside, enabling real-time tracking of taxi operations and road conditions.

   - Historical Video Playback: On-board equipment stores high-definition historical recordings, which can be accessed via network download or local download, providing authentic and effective evidence for operational disputes, violations, and vehicle accidents.


3. Online and Telephone Taxi Booking Services


4. Fare Regulation: The system supervises every income transaction of all vehicles, providing comprehensive data on taxi revenues.


5. Empty, Passenger, and Ride-sharing Status Monitoring: The system continuously monitors the status of all taxis, whether they are empty, carrying passengers, or ride-sharing.


6. Statistical Analysis System

   - Operating Revenue Monitoring: The system analyzes operating costs and actual uploaded revenues to identify abnormal driver income, achieving the goal of supervising operating revenues.

   - Operating Revenue Analysis: Accurately tracks the income and expenses of the taxi company, allowing for scientific and effective economic benefit analysis to inform operational planning.

   - Operating Efficiency Analysis: Precisely captures the passenger mileage and empty mileage generated during daily operations and analyzes vehicle operational efficiency based on operating hours, providing a basis for companies to control production and operational efficiency.

   - Operating Violation Analysis: Analyzes vehicle violations during operations, corrects driver violations based on analysis results, and uses this as an important basis for driver rewards and punishments.

   - Reservation Statistical Analysis: Analyzes the relationship between the volume of online and telephone bookings and the average mileage utilization rate, the relationship between booking volume and driver income, and summarizes the contribution of booking services to increasing driver income.


7. On-board Terminal System

   - Utilizes a high-performance on-board dispatch and monitoring terminal to achieve precise and blind-spot-free vehicle positioning. Through comprehensive functional design, it provides a convenient and effective human-machine interaction interface, enabling automatic alerts for violation operations, reception of dispatch instructions, sending of driver information, voice communication with the dispatch center, inside and outside audio and video monitoring, vehicle operation audio and video recording, 3G/4G wireless transmission of operational data, and monitoring of empty, passenger status, and ride-sharing.

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