4 Camera Car DVR Kit

Best 4 Camera Car DVR Kit

Date Time: May 13, 2024
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4 Camera Car DVR Kit

Recommend our 4 Camera Car DVR Kit. This is the best quality and best-selling in-car hard disk recorder in China. It is a vehicle-mounted remote monitoring system developed for enterprise vehicle remote monitoring and management applications. Based on industry-leading video codec technology, 4G full-network communication, GPS & Beidou positioning, with these functions, the system helps in real-time supervision of vehicle production operations, improving production efficiency. It supports expandable two-way voice intercom, fuel consumption detection, temperature detection, forward and reverse sensor, one-button alarm button, and other external sensors.

4 Camera Car DVR Kit

Features of 4 Camera Car DVR Kit:

- Supports recording and playback of 4 channels of 1080P/720P AHD audio and video synchronously in real time.

- Uses aviation head video interface, with high reliability and strong anti-seismic effect.

- Built-in BD & GPS positioning dual-mode module, with wide coverage.

- Built-in 2 SD card slots, single card supports up to 256G.

- Supports 4 alarm inputs and 1 alarm output.

- Good expandability, with built-in 1 RS485 interface, and 1 RS232 interface.

- Built-in accelerometer sensor G-Sensor, supports TTS voice output.

- Wide voltage DC power supply of 9V-36V, can operate in environments from -25℃ to +70℃.

- 4-second video data protection after power failure.

- Supports coaxial high-definition output, with clear and delicate images, resolution up to 1080P.

- Built-in audio, with noise reduction technology for authentic sound reproduction.

- Designed to IP68 waterproof level, with high reliability.


4 Camera Car DVR Kit

best 4 Camera Car DVR Kit

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4 Camera Car DVR Kit china

YUWEI 4 Camera Car DVR Kit is suitable for taxis, online ride-hailing vehicles, special vehicles in factory areas, and road transport vehicles. It assists fleet managers in tracking and remotely monitoring fleets in real time. Whether you have only 5 vehicles or several hundred or thousands, our system can run smoothly.

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