AI Dash Camera

What is an AI Dash Camera?

Date Time: May 09, 2024
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AI Dash Camera

What is an AI Dash Cam?

An AI Dash Camera is a vehicle-mounted device capable of recording video, audio, and vehicle data during driving. It employs built-in artificial intelligence technology for analysis and processing. It offers features such as driver behavior analysis, collision detection, real-time monitoring, and remote playback. Its purpose is to enhance driving safety and vehicle management efficiency.


Provides real-time video, photos, GPS location, and driving behavior data.

All-in-one design: DVR + GPS tracker + Driving analysis + Cloud.

Suitable for vehicles, trucks, school buses, taxis


Ai dash cameras

AI Dash Cam

- AI-driven video analysis

- Real-time driving assistance

- Cloud-based video storage

- Driver behavior analysis

- Automatic emergency recording

- Smartphone integration


Ai Dash Cam for Fleet Vehicles

The AI Dash Cam analyzes driver behavior in real-time. It has been proven that these intelligent cameras can improve driver safety and reduce fleet costs by sending alerts to the platform.


How it Works

1. Automatic Identification: The AI Dash Cam automatically identifies unsafe driving using sensors and computer vision.

2. Reporting to Cloud Platform: It alerts the driver through in-cabin voice guidance and automatically uploads alert videos or photos to the cloud platform.

3. Cost Savings: Driver scorecards, alert reports, historical playback, and idle reports reduce fleet costs.



Reducing High-Risk Driver Behavior

By combining in-cabin voice reminders, driver rankings, and guidance tools based on high-definition video, driver behavior is improved.


Easy Complaint Investigation and Driver Liability Mitigation

Use video evidence to protect your drivers and company from false claims and costly legal battles. Quickly investigate if your driver was at a specific location at a certain time and review footage to see the whole story.


Remote Monitoring

- 24-hour remote monitoring

- Enters sleep mode when the engine is off

- Receive notifications when preset events occur

- Dual-camera video recording


Cameras can simultaneously record scenes around and inside the vehicle or during accidents for driving behavior analysis.


Understanding Distracted Driving

Use automatically uploaded full HD 720p footage to instantly view collisions and distracted driving incidents.


Supports Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

- Lane departure warning

- Forward collision warning

- Too close to vehicle warning


hnweb_adas dsm camera

Driver Behavior Analysis (DSM)

- Head down

- Talking on the phone

- Smoking

- Looking around

- Yawning

- Closing eyes

- Face not detected

- Camera obscured, etc.


Live Video Streaming

- Continuous high-resolution video recording, live streaming video, and replay video anytime

- Easy viewing and playback of all videos and photos in reports

- Easy installation and playback of SD video


AI Dash Camera Features

- Front high-definition 1080P camera and rear 720P camera, plus extended 2-channel 720P cameras for simultaneous recording inside and outside the vehicle

- Infrared night vision, clear video in the car's dark environment

- Supports TF card recording, supports 32G/64G/128G/256G high speed

- Special file system, loop recording to ensure the security and stability of video files

- Built-in super capacitor, it can work continuously for 3 seconds and complete video files when the device is abnormally powered off

- 4G band, supports global bands

- BD/GPS dual-mode positioning, AGPS positioning, etc., supports driving trajectory playback

- SOS emergency alarm

- Supports multiple types of alarms: overspeed alarm, fatigue driving alarm, SOS alarm, collision alarm, etc.

- Supports real-time monitoring and remote playback on the platform

- Supports Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) (optional): Lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and too close to vehicle warning

- Driver Behavior Analysis (DSM) (optional): Head down, talking on the phone, smoking, looking around, yawning, closing eyes, face not detected, camera obscured, etc.

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AI Dash Camera Q&A

How much does a dash cam front and rear cost?

Different models mean different configurations of dash cam (specifically reflected in camera video quality, storage capacity, display size, auxiliary functions, etc.). The cost of a single YUWEI car camera is US$25; for example, the price of Mobile DVR is US$120

*It is recommended that you can send us your functional requirements and request a quotation from us. We are a Chinese automobile monitoring manufacturer, and cost is our biggest advantage;

How do fleet dash cams work?

Fleet dash cams are usually installed inside vehicles and collect driving data through cameras and other sensors. They record video, sound, GPS location, vehicle speed, and more and store it on the device or in the cloud. These data can be used to analyze driving behavior, map driving paths, replay accidents, and more.

Are fleet dash cams legal?

Fleet dash cams are legal in most regions, but specific regulations vary by country. Some areas may have specific requirements for the use and data protection of the dash cam. It is recommended to consult with the relevant local agencies before installation and abide by relevant regulations.

Fleet dash cam solution

You can refer to "Fleet Management Solutions" to understand the management system solutions of yuweitek trucks, buses, school buses, buses, taxis and other fleets.

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