ADAS Dash Cam Android

Multi Channel ADAS Dash Cam Android

Date Time: March 21, 2024
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ADAS Dash Cam Android

If you're looking for a dashboard camera that can both monitor your employees and record accident scenes in real-time for your fleet, then the V5 is tailored just for you!

The V5 is an advanced 4G dual-channel dash camera with real-time GPS tracking, operating on the Android platform. It features robust data interfaces and is compatible with the IVMS platform system, supporting optional ADAS and DMS.

ADAS Dash Cam Android

Integrated with optional 4G, GPS, and WIFI, with 4-channel video input and dual TF card storage, the V5 supports 1080p video real-time recording and downloading. It facilitates remote management and features functionalities such as map fences, perfectly meeting the remote monitoring and management needs for private vehicles, ride-hailing cars, taxis, and corporate fleets.

ADAS Dash Cam Features

Built-in positioning module and antenna, supporting GPS/BDS dual-mode positioning.

Built-in communication module and antenna, supporting global 4G communication and SMS command functions.

The terminal has ultra-clear real-time video recording function, integrating 1 channel of 1080P HD camera, with an option for external connection of 3 channels of 720P HD cameras.

Supports a maximum of 2*2TB TF cards for real-time video storage.

Supports ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and DSM (Driver Status Monitoring) functions.

Supports features such as facial recognition, non-mask recognition, and people counting.

Equipped with 1 USB interface, supporting driving record export function.


ADAS Dash Cam Specifications

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This is an advanced ADAS dashboard camera supporting GPS positioning and 4G communication functions. It's the top-selling dash cam product in China in 2023. Welcome for procurement!


Currently, our ADAS Dash Cam is being used by local fleets in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United States, and other countries.

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