Dash Cam with Tracker

Dash Cam with Tracker for sale

Date Time: March 12, 2024
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Dash Cam with Tracker

YUWEI from China wholesales dash cams with trackers, offering lower prices for similar performance. With a mechanized production factory spanning 15,000 square meters located in Guangdong, China. If you're in need of procurement, feel free to contact us!

Dash Cam with Tracker

What is a Dash Cam?

A dashboard camera installed in vehicles records images both inside and outside the vehicle. They are typically mounted on the front windshield, rear windshield, or dashboard and are popular for their continuous recording to monitor events like theft or distracted driving.

Some models come with both front and rear cameras, or even three cameras (front, rear, interior), while others use a single wide-angle camera for 360° horizontal and 240° vertical recording. Recording modes vary depending on the product.

Uses of Dashboard Cameras

Dash cams provide audio and video evidence in the event of accidents or traffic disputes, useful for insurance and legal purposes. They often feature automatic recording of moments before and after impact, detected by built-in G sensors.

They are commonly installed in commercial vehicles such as trucks, taxis, and buses, and are increasingly being installed in passenger cars.

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Principles of Dash Cams

Dashboard camera functionalities vary, including:

  • Camera Positions: Front and rear cameras are common, with some models including interior cameras. Single wide-angle cameras are also available for omnidirectional recording.

  • Recording Modes: Options include collision-triggered recording, continuous recording, and recording after engine shutdown. Some have parking modes that activate upon detecting collisions while parked.

  • Power Supply: Power is typically supplied by a cigarette lighter socket or USB port, with some models equipped with internal batteries or OBDII connector power for enhanced parking monitoring.

  • External Storage: Many models use microSD cards for larger capacity and longer recording times. Higher pixel recording requires more storage space.

  • Installation Methods: Cameras are usually mounted with double-sided tape or suction cups, sometimes with sound prompts for safe driving reminders.

How to Choose a Dash Cam

Consider factors such as nighttime image quality, field of view, G sensor, parking recording function, three-way cameras, backlight protection, and LED traffic signal compatibility when selecting a dashboard camera.

  • Nighttime Image Quality: Cameras with infrared sensors or image sensors can improve nighttime image quality.

  • Field of View and G Sensor: Wide-angle cameras cover more areas, while G sensors trigger recording upon impact.

  • Parking Recording: Some cameras use internal batteries to record while parked.

  • Additional Features: Consider cameras with interior views, backlight protection, and LED traffic signal compatibility for comprehensive coverage.

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