4G Dash Cam for Fleet Vehicles

Dash Cam for Fleet Vehicles 4G

Date Time: March 25, 2024
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4G Dash Cam for Fleet Vehicles

Commercial Fleet Dash Cam: Utilize our integrated GPS tracking solution to monitor and safeguard your vehicles; YUWEI remote information processing system and available dash cams contribute to reinforcing good habits and boosting driver confidence. Harness GPS technology to enhance efficiency and reduce costs in your fleet operations. Detect distracted driving and other hazardous behaviors, streamline routes, monitor performance, and ensure safety with commercial fleet dash cams.

Dash Cam for Fleet Vehicles 4G

Equipped with GPS, commercial fleet dash cams facilitate better fleet management, improving safety among commercial fleet drivers and reducing risky driving behaviors, while enhancing productivity through real-time footage of trips and driving events.

Benefits of 4G Dash Cam

Enhance Fleet Visibility:

Cameras facing the cabin and the road automatically capture views from inside any branded vehicle. View 1080P high-definition color or infrared footage to easily pinpoint critical moments without sifting through hours of video. Drivers can use event-trigger buttons to mark unexpected actions on the road ahead.

Promote Good Driving Habits:

Capture instances of speeding, harsh braking, eating, and mobile phone use through video clips, and provide feedback through in-cabin guidance. Track and reward improvements through driver reports.

Help Mitigate Potential Costs:

Evidence is in the recording. In case of accidents, video evidence can help prove your driver's innocence, potentially lowering fleet insurance costs and safeguarding your business assets.

YUWEI Dash Cam Features

Real-time GPS Location Tracking

Stay informed about your fleet's whereabouts through GPS reports; reach destinations faster through route optimization.

Distracted Driving Monitoring via Real-time Video Surveillance

Texting while driving is widely regarded as the biggest threat to fleet safety on the roads. To proactively address hazardous driving behaviors and prevent distracted driving accidents, using commercial fleet dash cams with real-time video capabilities is imperative. These dash cams allow you to stream and record real-time video of road and driver views, providing insights into risky driving behaviors so fleet managers can enhance safety as needed. They are invaluable evidence for investigating accidents, identifying faults, and proving driver compliance with safety protocols.

Fleet Dash Cam Reporting

Managed fleets enable you to have full control to enhance commercial fleet safety. With our dash cam tracking system, you can easily capture videos, generate reports, and review hazardous driving.

GPS Tracking System with Alerts for Harsh Braking, Harsh Turns, and Speeding to Reduce Risky Driving:

GPS tracking systems offer fleet managers a range of features, including alerts for harsh braking, harsh turns, and speeding. They provide real-time feedback to fleet managers, notifying them of risky driving behaviors so they can provide coaching opportunities to improve safety.

Cloud Storage for Distracted Driving Video Clips and Other Critical Driving Events

Video clips of driving events are securely uploaded to the cloud for safekeeping. Simply log in to our GPS tracking system to access road/driver-facing videos by date, time, driver, and more.

Route Optimization Feature

With route optimization, drivers can quickly find the fastest routes, saving fleet managers time, fuel, and money, while enhancing your business reputation through online and word-of-mouth channels.

 4G Dash Cam for Fleet Vehicles

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Dash Cam for Fleet Vehicles

Commercial Fleet Dash Cams for Any Sized Fleet

Whether you own a small startup with a few vehicles or a large company with a nationwide fleet, our fleet dash cams can enhance safety and productivity for your commercial fleet in a tailored manner.

Our dash cam solutions are suitable for various transportation industries, including freight, passenger transport, construction fleets, and more.

By tracking driving behaviors with road/driver-facing video clips, valuable data is provided for actionable insights into risky driving.

By leveraging dash cam monitoring, you can actually expand your fleet as productivity increases, paving the way for broad business expansion.

Our dash cam solutions come with real-time dash cam video streaming, GPS tracking, distracted driving detection, and cloud storage, providing fleet managers with an economically efficient tracking solution and accurate event reconstruction.

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