Yuwei Information has won the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Award

Date Time: July 12, 2023
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Recently, the Ministry of Education awarded the certificate for the Outstanding Achievements in Scientific Research of Higher Education Institutions in 2022 (Science and Technology). The project "Intelligent Safety Assistance and Green Driving Multiscale Guarantee Technology and Application for Vehicle Downloading in Complex Environments," jointly submitted by Yuwei Information, Southeast University, and the Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of Transportation, won the Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress.

Yuwei Info wins Ministry of Ed Tech Award

Yuwei Info wins Ministry of Ed Tech Award

This award, established by the Ministry of Education, is mainly granted to individuals and institutions who have made outstanding contributions in scientific discoveries, technological inventions, promotion of scientific and technological progress, and implementation of patented technologies. It is an important scientific and technological award second only to the National Natural Science Award, National Technology Invention Award, and National Science and Technology Progress Award. Its importance and prestige are self-evident, with high honor and influence.

In this project, Yuwei Information collaborated with Southeast University, and the Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of Transportation to overcome key challenges such as low-cost robust estimation of operational state, forward perception of critical blind spots for transport vehicles, efficient construction of enhanced maps, intelligent robust adaptive fusion positioning, and high-trust filtering and correction of multi-source heterogeneous asynchronous data. These technologies have been applied to our company's various onboard intelligent terminals, serving domestic OEMs and fleets, with product performance at the forefront both domestically and internationally.

Leading the Yuwei Information team in this project is Chairman Zhang Yaohua, who holds a master's degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He has 16 patents and is recognized as a talent in Category II in Shenzhen Futian. He has previously received several awards:

- 2022: Science and Technology Award from the China Highway Society.

- 2021: Innovative Character Award for Automotive Electronics Science and Technology Award.

- 2020: One of the Top 20 Outstanding Figures in China's Commercial Vehicle Telematics in the New Century.

- 2020: Automotive Electronics Science and Technology Award - Excellent Innovative Product Award (5G Vehicle Networking Intelligent Video Terminal).

- 2013: Second Prize of the Science and Technology Award from the China Satellite Navigation and Positioning Association.

Yuwei Information has accumulated profound technological expertise and unique advantages in the fields of commercial vehicle safety, environmental protection, and intelligence. Over the years, we have insisted on in-depth research, continuously enhancing our innovation and competitiveness. We collaborate with universities, research institutes, and other organizations to conduct advanced project research and technological innovation, leveraging the advantage of integrating industry, academia, research, and application. Through this, we strengthen collaborative innovation, improve the conversion of scientific and technological achievements and economic and social benefits, and allow our industry customers to share in technological dividends, making transportation services safer, more reliable, and more intelligent.

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