Commercial Mining Truck Camera

Commercial Mining Truck Camera Systems

Date Time: April 12, 2024
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Commercial Mining Truck Camera

YUWEI provides camera systems for mining machinery and heavy equipment, offering optimal visual solutions while enhancing safety and efficiency. In the mining industry, work can be extremely challenging, making durability and profitability paramount. Understanding workflows and blind spots is crucial to achieving this goal. We offer high-quality, professional visual solutions to enhance safety, performance, and comfort.

Commercial Mining Truck Camera Systems

Product Features and Benefits:

- Encourages safer driving habits

- Produces performance improvement video training

- Reinforces driver accountability

- Monitors driver behavior and logs incident chains

- Maximizes operational efficiency

- Optimizes efficiency and eliminates delays, ensuring reliable and timely deliveries

- Protects vehicle assets

- Improves driver visibility, reducing reversing or driving accidents


Rear View:

By installing YUWEI rear-view reversing cameras, you can clearly see the working area behind the mining machine and drive more comfortably when reversing. When in reverse gear, the display screen in the cabin automatically switches to the rear view. The system can run continuously or manually and is suitable for any mining fleet.


Side View:

During maneuvering and turning, the driver's visibility of the machine's side is limited. Side-view cameras allow you to see the area directly adjacent to the machine, ensuring that obstacles and personnel remain visible. Combined with rear-view cameras, visibility is further enhanced.


Front View:

With front-facing cameras, you can clearly understand what is happening in front of the mining fleet, helping you operate more effectively and avoid collisions.


Collision Prevention Technology:

YUWEI's solutions combine the latest in millimeter-wave radar and camera vision to help eliminate collisions and vehicle downtime. Detection range: 0.1~30m.


Mining Vehicle Camera System Hardware:

- Reversing camera

- Side-view camera

- Dashcam

- 9-inch AHD vehicle display monitor

- Mobile DVR

- 360-degree surround-view camera

Commercial Mining Truck Camera

Custom Solutions:

In addition to standard visual solutions, our camera monitoring systems can be combined or modified according to requirements. Contact our experts for more information.

Commercial Mining Truck Camera System

Camera Monitoring System:

Accelerate your business by choosing YUWEI® Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicle Camera Systems, providing reliable, simple, cost-effective solutions to enhance safety and reduce liability.

Truck Camera Systems Q&A

What is fleet tracking management?

Fleet tracking management is a GPS/BDS-based system that allows for the tracking and video monitoring of vehicle activity. It is typically used by various fleet companies, such as trucking, bus, and school bus fleets.

With fleet tracking, you can locate the current position of each vehicle in real-time, monitor driver and vehicle status, and remotely view the inside of vehicles, making it easier for fleet managers to manage their operations. The system also provides useful information on recent fuel consumption, mileage, driver records, and other data that can be accessed through a centralized back-end system.

How are vehicle maintenance needs tracked?

Yes, you can use fleet management software to track the cost of maintenance across your fleet. Measuring items, such as repair turnover rate, can help you stick to your preventative maintenance schedule and prevent unexpected downtime. It can also help you identify the optimum window for vehicle maintenance and replacement as well. 

What are the benefits of a fleet tracking management system?

  • Helps reduce fuel consumption.

  • Provides accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA).

  • Monitors vehicle diagnostics and maintenance needs.

  • Allows real-time tracking of mobile drivers and equipment.

  • Automatically locks when used outside designated areas.

  • Reduce fuel usage and costs


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