Escort vehicle Camera System

Date Time: November 21, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

The development of armed escort services plays a crucial role in the circulation of cash in banks and other businesses. Strengthening real-time supervision of armed escort vehicles on the road is a key aspect of security work. In order to better prevent vicious crimes, combat robberies, and other criminal activities, there is a need for equipment upgrades by banks and armed escort fleets.

Functions of the escort vehicle camera system:

- It is necessary to supervise the driving route of the escort vehicle and issue timely warnings when the vehicle deviates from the route or parks for an excessive amount of time.

- The system should allow for remote control of the vehicle, enabling the escort personnel to trigger alarms in a timely manner, and allowing the monitoring center to take control of the vehicle promptly.

- It should prevent fatigue driving, prohibit speeding, using mobile phones while driving, smoking, and other improper behaviors.

- Real-time access to vehicle information, including GPS location, live audio and video, and timely communication with staff.

- The system should store in-vehicle audio and video data as well as GPS location data for at least 30 days, enabling retrospective analysis in case of incidents.

The solution involves installing an intelligent in-vehicle terminal kit on the armed escort vehicle to achieve comprehensive monitoring. Data is transmitted to the monitoring center platform via wireless 5G/4G, and armed escort personnel are equipped with voice communication devices to maintain real-time coordination with the management center. The solution also includes fuel and power control capabilities, allowing the management center to remotely issue instructions to force the vehicle to stop in special circumstances. The network, management center, and escort personnel form a joint security system, ensuring the safety of personnel and goods.

The selection and positioning of cameras in the solution are also carefully considered, covering areas such as the driver's cab, the cash compartment inside the vehicle, the cash compartment door, and the driver's blind spots, ensuring the overall safety of the vehicle.

Front-facing camera: Observe the front of the vehicle and road conditions.

Driver's cab camera: Observe the status of the escort personnel.

Left and right side cameras: Observe the blind spots on the sides and rear of the vehicle, compensating for the blind spots in the line of sight of the armed escort.

Rear camera: Observe the rear of the vehicle, compensate for blind spots in the line of sight, and capture the status of the rear compartment.

Cash compartment camera: Monitor the status of the escorted items in real-time.

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