Automotive CCTV Solutions

Automotive CCTV System Solutions

Date Time: January 25, 2024
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Automotive CCTV Solutions

YUWEI is a provider of automotive CCTV solutions, with our factory located in Dongguan, China. We are dedicated to remote information processing and video monitoring for large fleets, including trucks, semi-trailers, buses, sanitation vehicles, and tanker trucks.


Automotive CCTV Solutions

Here is our Automotive CCTV Solutions for buses, which is currently in use in over 30 countries worldwide, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and more.


Challenges in Bus Tracking Management

Difficulties in Dispute Evidence

Lack of surveillance video evidence in security incidents and accidents makes it challenging to reconstruct scenes and supervise drivers and passengers effectively.

Blind Spots Outside Stations

Inability to monitor buses in real-time once they leave the station, with drivers leading operations and central dispatch unable to view the situation.

Non-compliant Driving

Drivers engaging in rule-breaking behaviors such as speeding, reckless driving, and phone use pose threats to passenger safety.

Rigidity in Scheduling

Lack of real-time data support leads to fixed scheduling, preventing optimization based on passenger numbers.

Absence of Real-time Location Applications

Buses lacking real-time location applications result in the inability to achieve automatic announcements, and passengers cannot access current bus locations and arrival times.

Inefficient Management

Manual operation of information prompts by drivers, high-cost traditional inspection methods, and extensive data input lead to wastage. City bus personnel face operational difficulties.


By installing the Intelligent Bus Terminal Kit and utilizing wireless 4G data transmission, combined with the backend-deployed Bus Dispatch Monitoring Platform, an intelligent bus monitoring system is established. This terminal kit includes on-board monitoring and dispatch subsystems.


Automotive CCTV Solutions

Bus CCTV Camera System Solution

The on-board monitoring subsystem comprises the Mobile DVR main unit, on-board cameras, LCD on-board display, microphone, alarms, GPS locator, etc. The on-board dispatch subsystem includes an intelligent dispatch screen, video passenger counter, internal and external speakers, card reader, dispatch microphone, LED information screen, etc. Data can be uniformly uploaded or downloaded, facilitating centralized management and generating operational statistical reports.


The bus dispatch monitoring platform controls the on-board front-end system via a wireless network, realizing functions such as audio and video monitoring, GPS positioning, route management, vehicle dispatch, voice intercom, and alarm processing. Data can be uploaded, stored, and summarized, generating backend management reports to facilitate vehicle maintenance and route operation management.


Bus Automotive CCTV System Features

Full-range Monitoring:

Real-time video, audio, and location monitoring.

Remote viewing of live scenes and historical video data.

Dynamic switching of corresponding location video when turning, providing driving assistance.

GPS high-precision positioning for real-time understanding of vehicle location and status.


Basic Information Management:

Management of on-board terminal equipment, vehicles, fuel, personnel, routes, fleets, companies, stations, and parking lot information.


Safety Driving Assistance System:


Driver State Monitoring (DSM System): Detects yawning, closing eyes, smoking, phone use, drinking, and looking around.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS): Forward collision warning (FCW), close vehicle distance warning (HMW), lane departure warning (LDW).


Vehicle Driving State Detection:

GSensor algorithm detects rapid acceleration, deceleration, sharp turns, and collision detection, reinforcing monitoring of driver compliance and improving passenger satisfaction.


Passenger Counting:

Intelligent AI passenger counting device collects passenger boarding and alighting information at each station, supporting big data analysis.


IC Card Swipe Machine Data Upload:

Real-time upload of IC card swipe machine data to the monitoring platform for instant revenue insight.


Emergency Alarm Function:

Real-time SOS alarm triggering, one-click alarm activation. Alarm information is automatically uploaded to the monitoring center, and in-vehicle images pop up on the central display screen. The alarm vehicle icon blinks on the GIS map.


On-board Fireproof Storage Box:

The on-board terminal can timely mirror-write in-vehicle data into the on-board fireproof storage box. Even in dangerous situations like fires or submersion, alarm video data is securely stored for later retrieval and analysis.


Automatic Data Download and Backup:

Automatic downloading of video recordings for long-term backup via wireless WIFI when entering the station.


Route and Station Management:

Automated voice announcements, automatic dispatch, station entry/exit prompts, route deviation prompts, segment speed limit management, etc.


Dispatch Management:

The intelligent bus dispatch system enables voice intercom with the center, voice announcements through internal and external speakers, including information on departure, alarms, station entry/exit prompts, route deviation prompts, refueling, chartered services, maintenance, speeding, passing stops, roadblocks, faults, delays, early arrivals, etc. Dispatch personnel can also send real-time dispatch instructions to the vehicle.


Operational Analysis Reports:

The system provides various operational report generation, query, EXCEL format display, statistical chart display, printing, etc., allowing the bus company to fully grasp operational conditions and provide detailed and timely data support for analysis and decision-making.


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