Bus Monitoring System Using IoT

Bus Monitoring System Using IoT

Date Time: June 13, 2024
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Bus Monitoring System Using IoT

The YUWEI "Bus Monitoring System Using IoT" integrates cloud computing, big data, CAN bus, and intelligent onboard devices to create a comprehensive, secure, intelligent, and open bus safety architecture.


Currently, this intelligent driving safety solution includes five key systems: Driver Behavior Monitoring and Warning System, Driver Behavior Analysis System, Driver Behavior Evaluation System, Vehicle Operation Big Data Intelligent Management System, and Vehicle Trajectory and Video Monitoring System. These systems enable real-time monitoring, warning, analysis of driver behavior, real-time vehicle information management, and event tracking, providing a comprehensive safety protection framework for buses.

Bus Monitoring System Using IoT

Driver Behavior Monitoring and Warning System

Bus travel is a common mode of transportation, closely tied to public safety. The driver’s state and actions are critical to passenger safety. The YUWEI Driver Behavior Monitoring and Warning System ensures safe driving through three main features: Fatigue Driving Warning System, LDWS Lane Departure Warning System, and ADAS Collision Warning System.


- The Fatigue Driving Warning System monitors the driver's condition in real time, detecting behaviors such as closed eyes, phone use, smoking, yawning, and looking around.


- The LDWS Lane Departure Warning and ADAS Collision Warning Systems can automatically detect collision risks, lane departures, speed limits, and pedestrian presence, issuing warnings 2.7 seconds in advance to prevent accidents.


Driver Behavior Analysis System

From novice to experienced drivers, optimizing driving details and accumulating experience is crucial. YUWEI buses create a personalized "driving profile" for each driver by analyzing habits such as speeding, hard braking, and rapid acceleration, providing real-time feedback on special routes or in adverse weather to ensure driving safety.


Driver Behavior Evaluation System

Standardizing driving habits and improving training systems is vital for operators with large bus fleets. The Driver Behavior Evaluation System assesses and corrects driver habits, addressing issues before incidents occur, enhancing overall safety.


Vehicle Operation Big Data Intelligent Management System

Vehicle condition significantly impacts safety. The YUWEI system uses big data to monitor vehicle status in real time. Drivers can observe vehicle conditions through a visual dashboard, addressing issues promptly. Simultaneously, vehicle data syncs to the cloud, enabling remote diagnostics, intervention, and braking by management, ensuring operational safety.


Vehicle Trajectory and Video Monitoring System

During operation, the YUWEI system uploads driving trajectories to the cloud in real time. Using GPS, it maps vehicle routes and records operational data such as travel paths, stop durations, and speeds. The onboard video monitoring system, or "black box," captures video 30 seconds before and after any safety incidents, helping administrators accurately locate and assess events and provide timely warnings.


The YUWEI "Bus Monitoring System Using IoT" offers a comprehensive safety framework, ensuring real-time driver monitoring and vehicle diagnostics, maximizing travel safety.

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