IP 67 Waterproof 4Channel Mobile DVR System for Vehicles 1080p

Date Time: November 01, 2023
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Author: ROYI

The "mobile DVR system" is a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) system designed specifically for vehicles. Unlike traditional fixed-location DVRs, the mobile DVR system has remote management capabilities and supports real-time positioning, historical trajectory, file download playback, and vehicle integration.


The mobile DVR system employs advanced video encoding technology for analog-to-digital conversion, compression, and data storage. It may also be equipped with GPS positioning, audio/video monitoring, wireless network transmission, and other devices, making it highly useful in various situations.

The benefits of the mobile DVR system are evident. In addition to reducing fleet costs, it can enhance security and assist in accident investigation.

F4 is a cutting-edge high-definition intelligent AI mobile DVR. It utilizes an industrial-grade core high-speed processing chip and integrates global 4G wireless transmission, WiFi communication, DVR functionality, and BDS/GPS dual-mode positioning.

bus mobile dvr systemBus cameras System

truck mobile dvr systemTruck cameras System

school bus mobile dvr systemSchool Bus cameras System

The F4 supports 1080P high-definition analog input and high-definition 1080P output display, aiming to provide comprehensive vehicle driving records and video monitoring functions. It is equipped with powerful artificial intelligence computing power and supports advanced monitoring functions such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), BSD (Blind Spot Detection), DSM (Driver Status Monitoring), passenger status, cabin loading, and cargo condition. This ensures a high level of intelligent monitoring and enhances overall safety.

The F4 also features a dangerous driving warning system and driver status monitoring system. Its technological core possesses internationally leading visual recognition algorithm engines, ensuring accuracy and reliability. It supports intelligent monitoring functions such as ADAS, BSD, and DSM, capable of monitoring passenger status, cabin loading status, and cargo status. Additionally, it supports network remote upgrade programs and real-time positioning using GPS/BeiDou satellites.

This mobile DVR system has 6 channels of analog video input, including 2 channels of 1080P HD video, 2 channels of audio input, 1 channel of IPC input, and 1 channel of CVBS output, realizing comprehensive audio-video intelligent monitoring and recording. In terms of data storage, it supports hard disk and SD card storage, ensuring data security with dual storage.

Furthermore, the system features a shockproof mechanism for the hard disk, built-in protected memory, uninterrupted power recording (UPR) function, and low voltage protection, guaranteeing the safe use of the hard disk and SD card. It also incorporates a patented storage media protection device to prevent arbitrary removal of the hard disk and SD card. It supports next-generation video standard H265, with single-board design and high integration, ensuring high reliability. Simultaneously, the mobile DVR system adopts a unique streaming file system storage method, ensuring data security and resistance to tampering.

The mobile DVR system can be widely used in various mobile vehicles such as buses, long-distance coaches, school buses, construction vehicles, container trucks, tourist buses, subways, ships, and aircraft. Its functionality and features make it an ideal choice for vehicle security monitoring and driving records.


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