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BSD Blind Spot Detection Cameras Manufacturer

Date Time: April 17, 2024
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BSD Blind Spot Detection Cameras Factory

YUWEI Blind Spot Detection System is a highly intelligent multifunctional blind spot detection camera. Equipped with built-in algorithm systems, it is primarily used for commercial vehicles to detect and warn of pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles, etc., thus preventing accidents. Utilizing top-tier hardware, it features wide dynamic range, automatic white balance, automatic backlight compensation, super anti-shake, and other characteristics, making it adaptable to complex driving environments including low-light conditions at night, rainy days, and tunnel entrances and exits. With powerful functionality, it supports millisecond-level alarm response, ensuring the driver's safety.

Blind Spot Detection System

Specifications of BSD Blind Spot Detection Cameras

Image Sensor

1/ 2.9' CMOS , 2.0 million pixels

Effective Pixels

1280( H )×720(   V )

video standards

AHD ,   720p

Video format


Frame rate

25fps , 1280× 72 0

day and night mode

IR -CUT,   color during the day, black and white at night


4 850   infrared LEDs

electronic shutter

AUTO   1/50 (1/60) ~ 1/100,000sec


2.3mm fixed   focus HD lens

Viewing range

Horizontal   148° Vertical 78°



Operating Voltage


Working current

180 mA @DC12V

Enclosure rating

Metal,   black, IP67





working temperature

- 30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃   

storage temperature

-40 ℃ ~85 ℃

Interface   definition

BSD camera features

1. Powerful Functionality

Supports various blind spot detections:

Pedestrian detection warning

Motorcycle detection warning

Bicycle detection warning

Supports HD recording.

Supports audio and visual alarms.

BSD Blind Spot Detection Cameras

2. Sturdy and Stable

Utilizes top-tier lens modules, supports HDR, super anti-shake, automatic backlight compensation, automatic white balance, wide dynamic range, etc., adapting to various complex driving environments such as backlighting and low light conditions.


3. Easy Installation

Adjustable lens angle to accommodate various vehicle types including buses, trucks, school buses, dump trucks, trailers, semi-trailers, etc.


YUWEI is a manufacturer of BSD blind spot detection cameras, with factories located in Guangdong and Hubei, China. We are your best supplier of in-vehicle cameras.(

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