DSM Camera Manufacturers

DSM Camera Manufacturers

Date Time: March 06, 2024
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DSM Camera Manufacturers

The YUWEI DSM camera is an intelligent multi-functional driver monitoring camera. Its hardware components include the DSM host (camera, speaker). It supports various driver state detections: driver fatigue driving (closed eyes, yawning), phone usage, smoking, distraction, driver identification, etc. Using top-of-the-line hardware, it features wide dynamic range, automatic white balance, automatic backlight compensation, super anti-shake, etc., making it suitable for complex driving environments including low-light conditions at night, rainy days, entering and exiting tunnels, etc. With powerful functionality, it supports millisecond-level alarm response, providing drivers with safe driving assistance.

DSM Camera Manufacturers

DSM Camera Advantages

Powerful functionality

  • Supports various ADAS detections:

  • Driver fatigue driving (closed eyes, yawning)

  • Phone usage

  • Yawning

  • Drinking water

  • Smoking

  • Distraction

  • Driver identification

  • Driver abnormalities

  • Fatigue depth detection

  • Supports HD recording.

Robust and stable

Uses top-of-the-line lens modules, supports super anti-shake, automatic backlight compensation, automatic white balance, wide dynamic range, etc., adapting to various complex driving environments such as backlight, low light, strong light, glare, etc.

Industry-recognized non-invasive infrared lights ensure capturing driver facial images in low-light conditions at night without causing red light disturbance to the driver.

Easy installation

Adjustable lens angle to fit various vehicle models.

Sensor Model:1MCOMS
Sensor Size:4-Jan
Pixel Size:2.8um*2.8um
Effective Pixels:1288*728
Focal Length:3.91mm
Depth of Field:0.7m---∞
Focus Distance:0.9
IR Filter:940nm
Optical Angle of View (FOV - D/H/V):75°/60°/42°
Center Resolution:>=500line
Operating Voltage:5V-16V
Operating Current:5V:150mA-220mA
Video Output:AHD-720P
Video System:PAL/NTSC
Product Dimensions:78*85*50
Operating Temperature:-20°----70°
Storage Temperature:-30°----85°

DSM Camera Supplier

This device is equipped with independently developed advanced image intelligent processing core algorithms, capable of real-time monitoring of driver fatigue status, unsafe driving behaviors, providing timely voice safety warnings, and reporting to the management platform, thus bringing drivers more proactive, smarter safety assurance, and reducing the occurrence rate of safety accidents.

YUWEI is a DSM camera manufacturer located in China. For inquiries, please contact: hello@yuweitek.com

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