What is Blind Spot Detection (BSD) ?

What is Car BSD System?

Date Time: January 02, 2024
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What is Blind Spot Detection (BSD) ?

Blind Spot Detection assists the drivers to avoid a collision by detecting people in the blind spot area when driving.


Commercial vehicles are big and often suffer from very poor visibility, despite being generously equipped with mirrors. Almost invariably, the driver cannot see important areas beside the vehicle. The Mobile DVR with such AI functionality enable the Blind Spot Detection using cameras mounted at the side of the cabin to monitor the detection zone for people. The system warns the driver if people is approaching, thereby assisting the driver to avoid hitting the people.


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So is Blind Spot Detection worth it?

Blind Spot Detection is one of the most useful tools for keeping safe. 

It's will be able to sense moving objects within the blind spot of the Vehicle detection zone.

When you regardless of day or night, you will be alerted whenever there is a moving object that comes into the side of your vehicle.

Along with the aid of LED blinking light and buzzer sound, the driver can be more aware when lane changing to avoid the possibility of side crash accident.

Even when you have parked your vehicle, when a pedestrian or cyclists is travelling beside you before you open your car door, a warning alarm will also be activated. 


Blind Spot Detection usage scenarios


what is bsd system

Cargo Logistic BSD

Cargo Logistic BSD

Cargo Logistic Anti-Theft Dectection

Cargo Logistic Anti-Theft Dectection

Fuel Tanker BSD

Fuel Tanker BSD

Construction Truck BSD ; Audible Flashing Alert

Construction Truck BSD

How many types of alarms of Blind Spot Detection (BSD) ?

There 6 types of alarm of BSD (Blind Spot Detection):

1. Beware of the large vehicles. (*The lowest level 1, it means there is a certain distance between the people and the vehicle.)

2. Keep distance from vehicles. (*The middle level 2, it means the people is approaching to the vehicle.) 

3. Danger, danger!  (*The highest level, it means the people is very close to the vehicle.) 

4. Vehicle turns right, be aware.

5. Vehicle turns left, be aware.

6. Vehicle starts to move, be aware. 

The above alarms will be broadcasted aloud over the Visual-audible buzzer with illumination mounted at the side of the cabin to give alerts to people. 


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