Car alarm with GPS tracking

Date Time: November 11, 2023
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C5 is a 4G tracking device suitable for trucks, fleets, and employee vehicles, providing monitoring of drivers, speed, safety, and vehicle logistics for enterprises of various scales. The YUWEI C5 fleet GPS tracking device supports GPS/BDS positioning technology.

Car alarm with GPS tracking

It integrates all the functions related to positioning and has a built-in high-capacity battery. This fleet GPS locator is suitable for car rental businesses, fleet vehicle management, and more.

The R31L GPS tracker is a feature-rich, widely applicable positioning terminal that supports BDS/GPS/GLONASS positioning.

It integrates independently developed hardware monitoring circuits to ensure long-term reliability and stability, with automatic recovery in case of abnormalities.

You can easily configure geofencing and unauthorized use alerts using this fleet GPS tracker, and receive notifications when vehicles arrive at certain areas or move after hours.

This is a real-time tracking solution, offering the best way to obtain real-time information about the location and usage of your vehicles and equipment assets.

Features of this fleet GPS tracker include:

- Horn alert function (default)/fuel detection function (optional)/temperature detection (optional)

- Remote cutoff (fuel/power)

- Remote recording and listening

- ACC detection

- SOS alarm

- Built-in hardware monitoring circuit for automatic recovery from abnormal states

- Driver behavior analysis

- Real-time tracking

This 4G hardwired GPS tracking device can be used for:

- Fleet management

- Car rental

- Public transportation management

- ETC (Electronic Toll Collection)

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