Driver Monitoring Camera

Car Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

Date Time: April 09, 2024
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Driver Monitoring Camera

YUWEI DMS Driver Status Monitoring System supports monitoring of driver behaviors such as identity recognition, fatigue detection, and distraction detection, promptly issuing alerts to drivers. It is applicable in logistics, freight, public transportation, smart driving, and other fields, enhancing driving safety and facilitating more efficient and convenient fleet management.

Driver Monitoring Camera

The Y7, developed by YUWEI, is an AI device based on image recognition technology. It is equipped with an advanced image processing core algorithm developed independently, enabling real-time monitoring of drivers' fatigue status and unsafe driving behaviors. It promptly provides voice safety warnings and reports to the management platform. This provides drivers with proactive and intelligent safety protection, reducing the occurrence of safety accidents.

DSM Cameras Features:

- Driver status monitoring: Including fatigue, distraction, smoking, and other abnormal behavior detection, with real-time alerts.

- Identity recognition: Supporting up to 400 authentication items to ensure the accuracy of driver identification.

- Remote monitoring and alarm: Operating companies can monitor drivers in real-time through the user platform and receive immediate alerts upon detecting abnormal behavior.

- Audio and video alarms: When the device detects abnormal behavior, it automatically issues audio-visual alarms and records videos.

- All-weather operation: Works 24/7, adapting to various weather conditions and work schedules.

- Automatic sensitivity adjustment: Adjusts working status intelligently based on vehicle speed.

- WIFI settings: Allows flexible parameter settings via WiFi connection.

- Strong compatibility: Supports various network protocols and outputs, with a wide range of applications.


DSM camera specifications

Sensor Model:


Sensor Size:


Pixel Size:


Effective Pixels:


Focal Length:




Depth of Field:


Focus Distance:


IR Filter:


Optical Angle of View (FOV - D/H/V):




Center Resolution:


Operating Voltage:


Operating Current:


Video Output:


Video System:


Product Dimensions:


Operating Temperature:


Storage Temperature:


driver fatigue monitoring system


- Enhances driving safety and reduces the accident rate.

- Improves fleet management efficiency and lowers accident compensation costs.

- Provides accurate risk assessment basis for insurance companies.

- Supports road safety management for government regulatory departments.


Why it's needed:

Nearly 90% of traffic accidents are caused by unhealthy driving behaviors such as fatigue and distraction, posing threats to societal safety. The YUWEI DMS system continuously monitors driver status, issuing timely warnings to reduce accident occurrences and provide peace of mind to all stakeholders.


YUWEI® Driver Status Monitoring System focuses on safe driving, eliminating concerns for drivers, operating companies, insurance companies, and regulatory departments, with intelligent automatic alarms ensuring safe driving.



Suitable for various scenarios including buses, school buses, trucks, etc., enhancing driving safety.

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