Car thermal camera

Automotive Infrared Car Thermal Camera

Date Time: April 09, 2024
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Car thermal camera

The YUWEI high-definition automotive infrared thermal camera utilizes passive infrared (PIR) technology, capable of detecting pedestrians and cooperating with high-definition monitors to achieve real-time infrared image display, providing drivers with a clear view and ensuring driving safety.

vehicle thermal camera

Do you often find yourself dazzled by oncoming headlights when driving in the dark? Does your vision blur on foggy days? Are you unable to identify pedestrians due to complex road conditions? Is there a device that can automatically alert us to potential dangers while driving?

The YUWEI high-definition automotive infrared thermal camera can work 24 hours a day, providing comprehensive security protection, allowing you to understand real-time situations ahead and enhance driving safety.

Car Thermal Camera Specifications

Image Sensor

1/ 2.9' CMOS , 2.0 million pixels

Effective Pixels

1280( H )×720(   V )

video standards

AHD ,   720p

Video format


Frame rate

25fps , 1280× 72 0

day and night mode

IR -CUT,   color during the day, black and white at night


4 850   infrared LEDs

electronic shutter

AUTO   1/50 (1/60) ~ 1/100,000sec


2.3mm fixed   focus HD lens

Viewing range

Horizontal   148° Vertical 78°



Operating Voltage


Working current

180 mA @DC12V

Enclosure rating

Metal,   black, IP67





working temperature

- 30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃   

storage temperature

-40 ℃ ~85 ℃

Interface   definition

The infrared thermal camera can shield drivers from the glare of oncoming vehicle headlights, providing them with a clearer view and ensuring driving safety.

The pedestrian detection function helps provide better performance when used in conjunction with DVRs or other vehicle monitoring systems!

The YUWEI® high-definition automotive infrared thermal camera can be widely used in various types of vehicles, providing you with more intelligent security protection for your driving!

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