Best Commercial Semi Truck GPS with Dash Cam

Date Time: October 01, 2023
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The main reasons for choosing Yuwei as a partner for truck transportation dashcams are:

Best Commercial Semi Truck GPS with Dash Cam

Quick Installation

Yuwei dashcams can be installed in just a few minutes by inserting them into the truck's diagnostic port.

Remote Video Access

Access the videos from the truck's dashcam remotely on office computers.

Driver Alerts

Ensure that drivers take good care of your trucks and trailers on the road.

Yuwei dashcams make fleet visibility easy

Yuwei dashcams can be directly connected to the cloud by plugging them into the truck's diagnostic port.

Installation takes minutes

Access high-definition videos remotely over the internet

Real-time GPS fleet tracking

SOS button for drivers to initiate audio recording

Optional auxiliary camera for interior cabin video

Real-time GPS tracking

Get real-time location updates of all trucks from your computer, anywhere in the world!

View truck locations in real-time

Keep a record of the places the trucks have been to

Are you ready to start using Yuwei dashcams?

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