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Date Time: April 08, 2024
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Car AHD Camera

Many people may have heard of AHD CCTV cameras, but what is an AHD four-in-one camera? Below, I will provide a detailed introduction.

What is an AHD Camera?

AHD stands for Analog High Definition. AHD cameras, also known as AHD four-in-one cameras, are analog high-definition cameras that transmit signals in high-definition analog format. This means that AHD cameras are based on the AHD protocol and transmit high-definition video by scanning line by line through coaxial cable.


Advantages of AHD Technology

AHD technology allows reliable transmission of high-definition video signals over long distances (up to 500 meters) without changing existing analog transmission lines. AHD technology employs advanced Y/C signal separation and analog filtering techniques to effectively reduce color noise in high-frequency areas, resulting in better image restoration. Compared to traditional analog high-definition products, AHD cameras offer significantly improved monitoring image quality, with the highest resolution equivalent to full HD 1080P.

AHD follows the path and methods of analog standard definition transmission, reducing the complexity of construction deployment, the cost of auxiliary materials, maintenance complexity, and technical requirements for construction personnel. AHD technology is well-suited for upgrading old systems as it can easily upgrade standard definition to high definition without altering the original system. Additionally, AHD cameras can achieve high-definition image quality at standard definition prices, creating substantial demand in both civilian and industrial markets.

Advantages of AHD Cameras

1. Clearer Images: Advanced brightness separation, signal filtering, and 3D noise reduction technologies result in higher image clarity and better image restoration.

2. Long Transmission Distance: Common coaxial transmission lines like 75-5 can reach up to 500 meters.

3. No Delay: Front-end data of AHD four-in-one cameras does not require encoding, directly compressed and transmitted to the back-end DVR, ensuring real-time, high-fidelity video.

4. Good Compatibility: Compatible with standard D1/960H and analog peripheral devices (including distributors, matrices, etc.).

5. Convenient Operation: Supports OSD menu design, allowing you to set what you need and want.

6. Cost-effective: Offers high-definition quality products at standard analog prices.

7. High Integration: AHD front-end chip prices offer high-definition quality products.

8. Open Standards: Third-party open standards, compatible with other manufacturers' AHD products, thereby accelerating market advancement.

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