Cloud Storage Dash Cameras

Cloud Storage Dash Cam

Date Time: April 15, 2024
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Cloud Storage Dash Cameras

Cloud Storage Dash Cam is an LTE dashcam system designed specifically for commercial vehicles. It supports cloud storage of videos. This feature-rich camera system can simultaneously record 4/5 independent channels and provides valuable ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and DMS (Driver Monitoring Systems) algorithms, actively assisting drivers in enhancing road awareness and safety by providing real-time, actionable alerts. Video clips triggered by critical events or the cabin SOS button are saved to the cloud server for later viewing or evidence support. Additional features of this system, including support for peripheral sensors, WiFi connectivity, and expanded device storage, make the V5 series the perfect solution for various applications across multiple industries.

Cloud Storage Dash Cam

Features of Cloud Storage Dash Cam:

Real-time video visibility for up to 5 channels

The V5 comes with 1 built-in camera (default 720P, also available in 1080P upon request) and supports up to 4 remote cameras (optional), monitoring the vehicle's exterior, cabin, sides, rear, or driver regardless of the vehicle's status, whether it's in motion or parked. Some cameras can even issue alerts, notifying drivers or passengers of any potential risks.

Driver Guidance/Assistance

Driver Fatigue/Distraction Monitoring (DMS)

DMS cameras (optional) can track the driver's facial expressions to monitor their attention and issue warnings through in-cabin alerts when necessary.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Key Videos to the Cloud

Worried about important video clips regarding collisions or other events being overwritten by loop recording, or accidentally or intentionally deleted from your device? No worries. These data will remain unaffected by loop recording and will be uploaded to the platform for storage. If any disputes arise in the near future, they can serve as evidence support.

Expandable Storage for More Data

The host of the V5 camera system has 2 microSD slots, supporting up to 512 GB of device storage. This allows you to store more data than expected, fully meeting the data demands of long-distance transportation.

Cloud Storage Dash Camera

Cloud Storage Dash Cameras

Cloud Storage Dash Cam supplierCloud Storage Dash Cam factory

Cloud Storage Dash Cam

One Platform to Meet All Your Operational Needs

As an operator, you can check real-time information about fleet location, surrounding environment, alerts, and other details through our dedicated platform IVMS anytime, anywhere. Note: You can also use your own platform. We will assist you in the interoperability process.

Specifications of Cloud Storage Dash Cam

Parameter classification

Parameter item


Basic parameters


device integrate with ADAS cam

Product Type

4G DVR Car Video Terminal

network standard

4G Global Band



Front camera

(ADAS Camera)

1080P, MIPI Camera, H:112°V:55°

In-car camera

AHD 720P, with light sensor/infrared night vision,

DSM camera

AHD Camera, single pass, infrared night vision, H=60° V=42°

4th Channel camera

AHD 720P

Hardware function






Support: GPS+BDS




8 ohms 1.5 watts, 1 channel, with sound cavity


Built-in dual silicon microphone design


3-axis accelerometer


micro 5Pin USB

USB×1, data interface

BMW connector



Left turning signal cable

Right turning signal cable

SOS Cable (Panic button)



SIM card holder

Micro SIM

TF card holder

TF×2 (Card 1 and Card 2 support circular storage)

Power supply

Power supply

12V/24V power supply


Indicator light


Reset button

Long press the power button for 8 seconds to reset

indicator light

2-color indicator

Alarm key

Standard emergency alarm connector




GPS Antenna

Built-in ceramic antenna

4G antenna

Built-in FPC+IPEX transposon

WIFI antenna

Built-in FPC+IPEX transposon

Memory card

4G2TB, patented DXR streaming storage format

Electrical Specification

Operating temp.


Storage temp.


Static Protection

6KV contact, 10KV air

Vibration test

Car vibration

Current consumption

When the working voltage is 12V, the current is from 500mA to 1A (depending on whether the algorithm is turned on, etc.)

When ACC OFF: ≤3mA

Other quality requirements

According to JT/T794 standard (including hard test, soft test, reliability, quality, etc.)

Dash Cam Q&A

How do fleet dash cams work?

Fleet dash cams are usually installed inside vehicles and collect driving data through cameras and other sensors. They record video, sound, GPS location, vehicle speed, and more and store it on the device or in the cloud. These data can be used to analyze driving behavior, map driving paths, replay accidents, and more.

How much does a dash cam front and rear cost?

Different models mean different configurations of dash cam (specifically reflected in camera video quality, storage capacity, display size, auxiliary functions, etc.). The cost of a single YUWEI car camera is US$20; for example, the price of Mobile DVR is US$120

*It is recommended that you can send us your functional requirements and request a quotation from us. We are a Chinese automobile monitoring manufacturer, and cost is our biggest advantage;

Are fleet dash cams legal?

Fleet dash cams are legal in most regions, but specific regulations vary by country. Some areas may have specific requirements for the use and data protection of the dash cam. It is recommended to consult with the relevant local agencies before installation and abide by relevant regulations.

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