Cold Chain Vehicle Monitoring Camera Solution

Cold Chain Vehicle Monitoring Camera System

Date Time: July 02, 2024
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Cold Chain Vehicle Monitoring Camera Solution

In recent years, with the improvement of people's material living standards, there has been a significant increase in demand for cold chain food consumption. Various agricultural products, aquatic products, dairy products, medical drugs, and other items require refrigerated or frozen conditions for distribution and storage. Consequently, the demand for monitoring and transporting goods in cold chain vehicles has greatly increased, bringing forth various challenges and issues alongside its development.


Cold Chain Vehicle Monitoring Camera Solution

Challenges in cold chain vehicle management include:

- Uncertainty about whether the temperature and humidity at the rear of the vehicle meet cold chain standards.

- Inability to monitor whether drivers engage in unauthorized actions such as turning off refrigeration units or opening compartments during transit.

- Lack of visibility into temperature and humidity records throughout the transportation process.


Customer Requirements:

A certain cold chain logistics company wishes to install a remote temperature and humidity monitoring system in its fleet of refrigerated vehicles. They aim for a solution that is cost-effective, efficient, and capable of providing real-time temperature and humidity data from three specific locations inside the compartments over extended periods.



The YUWEI Cold Chain Vehicle Monitoring System from China utilizes a monitoring gateway equipped with GPS/BD positioning functionality for real-time vehicle location tracking. It leverages the 4G network of mobile operators to transmit monitoring data. Wired sensors (temperature sensors) are employed to monitor the temperature and humidity at the outlet and inlet of the refrigeration unit inside the cold compartments.

 Cold Chain Vehicle camera system

In conjunction with the remote photo-capture function of cameras, it provides real-time monitoring of the refrigeration unit's operations. Wireless sensors (temperature sensors) monitor the temperature, humidity, and light changes at the rear of the vehicle, effectively overseeing the status of rear doors to achieve comprehensive compartment monitoring.


IoT Monitoring Management Platform:

Data such as temperature and humidity collected by temperature sensors and the cold chain vehicle monitoring gateway are uploaded via IoT networks to the YUWEI IoT Monitoring Management Platform. The platform conducts big data analysis and provides visual displays, allowing real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity changes as well as transportation status. Precise alerts are generated in case of anomalies.


Project Outcome:

The deployment of the cold chain vehicle monitoring gateway and temperature sensors at multiple points within the refrigerated vehicle cabinets enables real-time collection and transmission of temperature and humidity data. Combined with the real-time monitoring and management capabilities of the YUWEI IoT Monitoring Management Platform, it makes the cold chain process visible and controllable.


Utilizing the low-power consumption characteristics of temperature sensors ensures long-term operation, thereby resolving issues related to monitoring disruptions caused by device charging or frequent replacements. This simplifies regulatory compliance and enhances the efficiency and safety of goods circulation.

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