Backup Camera No Signal

Why Does My Reverse Camera Say No Signal?

Date Time: May 17, 2024
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Backup Camera No Signal

Reverse cameras are significant when it comes to a car’s features. They help you see the back of your car by displaying the video on your monitor. As soon as you put your car in reverse gear, the connection between the camera and the monitor kicks in, showing you the images from behind. Sometimes, you might face errors when the reverse camera shows ‘no signal’ on your screen.

Reasons for the no signal error?

  • The reverse camera might not be working because your camera kit may have become outdated, or the camera is not capturing the images behind.

  • There may be a fault in the connection between your camera and the monitor.

  • The wiring might have become faulty or the trigger wire may be loose.

  • There might just be a hardware issue with your monitor.

How to fix the no signal error?

You should first try to understand the reason behind this error. There are a few ways you can try to fix the camera;

  • If it is a sudden error that you have never faced before, then you should try to restart your car. Put the car in the reverse gear to see if the video display comes on.

  • If restarting the car does not work, then you can reset the camera. Every reverse camera comes with a manual that tells you how to reset it, use the manual to find out if it starts working again.

  • You can check the fuses and the wiring of the camera. If it is too technical for you, then you can get it checked and fixed from a professional.

  • If nothing else works, you can replace the camera or the monitor of your car.

Replace camera or monitor?

Getting your camera replaced is the most feasible option for you if it is not working. If the problem is with the fuse and the wires then you have to make sure that the camera is connected to the monitor correctly.

You can get the help of a technician to fix the new camera in the proper place, with all the wires set perfectly. You can do it yourself as well. If you have a wireless camera then resetting it mostly works, however if it doesn’t and your camera has become faulty, you can always find a replacement. You should get the issue resolved as soon as possible because the reverse camera is an important safety measure for your vehicle.


If the reverse camera shows the no signal issue when you change your gear to reverse, then it is imperative that you get it to start working. It is an important safety measure in your vehicle. It is illegal to drive a car without a backup camera in many countries. Make sure that the professional technician that you go to for help with your vehicle’s issue is certified. Ask them to detect the problem first and see if you can manage to fix it yourself.

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