Dash Cam with ADAS and DSM

Dash Cam with ADAS and DSM Functions

Date Time: June 26, 2024
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Dash Cam with ADAS and DSM

Based on AI vision technology, it intelligently detects undesirable driving behaviors such as driver fatigue, smoking, phone use, distracted driving, and camera obstruction. It supports pedestrian detection warning, lane departure warning, collision prevention warning, and more. Utilizing an active safety assistance driving system, it safeguards the legal rights of drivers and passengers. The YWUEI V5p product features compact size, low power consumption, and supports 5 cameras, offering real-time video recording, video playback, driver behavior analysis, vehicle location tracking, and travel path monitoring. It supports all vehicle models with a 9-16V voltage (other models can be adapted with a step-down line).

 hnweb_Dash Cam with <a href='https://en.yuweitek.com/adas-hd-dash-camera-system.html' style='color: #014a97;' target='_blank'>ADAS</a> and DSM

Premium Configuration

- 5 HD cameras

- Dual TF card storage

- Loop recording without missing a second


Device Advantages

- 4G full network connectivity

- Driver behavior analysis

- Real-time positioning

- Supports 5 HD cameras

 Dash Cam with ADAS and DSM

Technical Specifications

- Communication module: 4G

- Positioning module: GPS+Beidou

- Operating voltage: DC 9-16V

- Operating temperature: -20°C to 60°C



- Real-time location viewing

- Vehicle dynamics (driving, stationary, offline)

- Track viewing (track, mileage, speed, etc.)

- Driving track playback

- Historical track query range

- Route planning

- Electronic fence

- Stop alarm

- Offline alarm

- Speeding and fatigue driving reminders

- Vehicle list grouping

- Trip report statistics

- Trip details

- Real-time video monitoring

- Real-time recording

- Video playback

- Loop video recording

- Expandable to 5 cameras

- Active safe driving

- Driver behavior analysis

- Remote intercom function

- ADAS report

- Fuel consumption statistics per 100 km


Through YUWEI's fleet tracking system, you can view the real-time location of vehicles, query the driving track, and achieve comprehensive real-time monitoring of driver and passenger status, road information, vehicle operating conditions, vehicle loading, and cargo conditions. This helps prevent fatigue driving and speeding, maximizing driving safety. By using audio and video recording, driving information recording, and wireless data uploading functions, it provides vehicle operating companies and traffic management departments with rich driving data, facilitating more precise management of vehicles and drivers.

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