The 10 Best AI Dash Cam Manufacturers of 2024

The 10 Best AI Dash Cam Manufacturers of 2024

Date Time: May 28, 2024
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The 10 Best AI Dash Cam Manufacturers of 2024

Compared to regular dash cams, AI dash cams offer advanced features in addition to audio and video recording, such as real-time lane departure warnings, forward collision alerts, pedestrian detection, and traffic sign recognition. Additionally, AI dash cams support uploading video data to cloud servers and come equipped with 4G/5G data signals, allowing fleet managers to monitor vehicle status at any time.

The 10 Best AI DASHCAM Manufacturers of 2024

Here are our recommended 10 AI dash cam manufacturers:

1. China YUWEI

   Country: China

   Company Brand Production Advantages: Established in 1998, it is the longest-running enterprise in China producing dash cams, with rich experience and technological accumulation in the field of in-car recorders; high product quality with the lowest cost for devices of similar performance.

   Company Brand Production Disadvantages: Currently certified only by US FCC, EU CE, E-mark, UK UKCA, and Thailand NBTC.

   Model: V5

   Features: Front and rear high-definition recording, 1080p front and rear cameras, GPS positioning, ADAS driving assistance, DSM monitoring, 24-hour parking surveillance, etc.

   Buying Reason: High-quality manufacturing, multi-channel recording for comprehensive vehicle monitoring, providing more comprehensive protection.



2. Garmin

   Country: USA

   Company Brand Production Advantages: High global recognition, strong technical research and development capabilities; rich experience in GPS and navigation fields; reliable product quality.

   Company Brand Production Disadvantages: Higher prices, positioned more towards the high-end market.

   Model: Garmin Dash Cam 66W

   Features: 1440p HD recording, ADAS functions, Wi-Fi connection, voice control, etc., providing high-quality driving recording and assistance functions.

   Buying Reason: High-quality manufacturing process and stable product performance, along with rich driving assistance functions, provide comprehensive driving safety protection.



3. Nextbase

   Country: UK

   Company Brand Production Advantages: Focuses on the dash cam field, with stable and reliable product quality and performance; leading features such as intelligent parking mode and Alexa integration.

   Company Brand Production Disadvantages: Relatively lower global recognition.

   Model: Nextbase 622GW

   Features: 4K video recording, intelligent parking mode, Alexa voice control, emergency SOS, etc., providing intelligent driving recording and safety protection.

   Buying Reason: Focuses on the dash cam field, with stable and reliable product quality, and leading intelligent features, with relatively high cost performance.



4. BlackVue

   Country: South Korea

   Company Brand Production Advantages: Provides cloud connection and remote real-time monitoring functions, with strong intelligence and networking capabilities; has certain technical advantages in AI event detection.

   Company Brand Production Disadvantages: Higher prices.

   Model: BlackVue DR900X-2CH

   Features: 4K front camera, 1080p rear camera, cloud connection, Wi-Fi connection, GPS logging, etc.

   Buying Reason: Comprehensive intelligent functions and high-definition image quality, providing remote real-time monitoring to ensure driving safety.



5. Thinkware

   Country: South Korea

   Company Brand Production Advantages: High-performance ADAS functions and stable product quality; high global recognition and user reputation.

   Company Brand Production Disadvantages: Higher product prices may limit popularity.

   Model: Thinkware U1000

   Features: 4K front camera, 2K rear camera, ADAS functions, parking surveillance, cloud connection, GPS logging, etc.

   Buying Reason: High-performance ADAS functions and comprehensive driving monitoring, with guaranteed quality.




   Country: USA

   Company Brand Production Advantages: Relatively lower prices, stable performance, suitable for ordinary consumers.

   Company Brand Production Disadvantages: Relatively small market share, may need to strengthen brand promotion and channel expansion.

   Model: VAVA Dash Cam 2K

   Features: 2K ultra HD recording, parking surveillance, emergency recording, Wi-Fi connection, remote viewing via mobile app, etc.

   Buying Reason: Affordable price, stable performance, suitable for ordinary consumers.



7. Roav by Anker

   Country: USA

   Company Brand Production Advantages: Supported by the Anker brand, with good product quality and cost-effectiveness; some innovation in intelligent parking surveillance and accident detection.

   Company Brand Production Disadvantages: Relatively lower brand recognition, may need to strengthen market promotion.

   Model: Roav DashCam S1

   Features: 1080p full HD recording, GPS logging, G-sensor, Wi-Fi connection, intelligent parking surveillance, and accident detection, etc.

   Buying Reason: Supported by the Anker brand, high cost-effectiveness, with intelligent driving recording functions.



8. 70mai by Xiaomi

   Country: China

   Company Brand Production Advantages: Affordable prices, suitable for mass consumers; good compatibility with smart home ecosystems, providing comprehensive intelligent services.

   Company Brand Production Disadvantages: Some functions may not be as good as high-end brands, may compromise on product performance and quality.

   Model: 70mai Pro Plus+

   Features: 2.7K HD recording, ADAS functions, voice control, intelligent parking surveillance, etc.

   Buying Reason: Affordable price, compatibility with smart home devices, providing comprehensive intelligent services.



9. Waylens

   Country: USA

   Company Brand Production Advantages: Specializes in the automotive camera field, providing high-quality products and services; has certain technical advantages in 360-degree panoramic recording and cloud connection.

   Company Brand Production Disadvantages: Relatively few product lines, may need to strengthen product diversity and innovation.

   Model: Waylens Secure360 4G

   Features: 360-degree panoramic recording, 4G connection, cloud storage, AI event detection, parking surveillance, etc.

   Buying Reason: 360-degree panoramic recording and 4G connection, providing comprehensive driving monitoring and real-time protection.



10. Owlcam

    Country: USA

    Company Brand Production Advantages: Provides advanced intelligent functions such as 4G connection and cloud storage; strong AI event detection technology, providing higher-level security protection.

    Company Brand Production Disadvantages: Products are more specialized, may not be suitable for all users, relatively narrow market positioning.

    Model: Owlcam 4G LTE

    Features: 1080p HD recording, 4G connection, cloud storage, real-time video viewing, AI event detection, etc.

    Buying Reason: Equipped with 4G connection and AI event detection, providing higher-level security protection and real-time monitoring.



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