Dump truck video surveillance camera systems

Date Time: February 10, 2023
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Dump truck video surveillance camera systems

With the rapid acceleration of the global economy, the construction industry has entered a stage of rapid development, resulting in an increase in construction waste and the number of dump trucks.

Dump truck video surveillance camera systems

However, due to their large size, dump trucks are also a common cause of traffic accidents. Dump trucks are associated with several management problems, including:

1. Heavy casualties caused by fatigue driving, speeding, overloading, and negligence in blind spots.

2. Unlicensed transportation and deviation from the route.

3. Stealing, dumping, and throwing drips seriously threaten the sanitation of urban roads.

4. Traditional supervision technology is limited, making evidence collection difficult and resulting in poor supervision.

Yuwei's Dump Truck Video Surveillance Camera System incorporates systems such as Driver Status Monitoring (DSM), Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), right-front blind spot detection, and compartment status video recognition. By using active safety video recorders, smart cameras for driving status, cargo box status recognition devices, smart cameras for blind spots on the right side, external sound and light alarms, driver reminders, and other onboard sensing equipment, the system solves vehicle driving and management problems from the source, ensures consistency between vehicles and identities, monitors and reminds drivers of bad driving behaviors in real-time, and avoids traffic jams.

The system comprises:

1. Driver status monitoring system (DSM): Accurately identify the driver's current behavior, including closing eyes, yawning, distractions, smoking, making a phone call, etc. This system can prevent major casualties caused by driver fatigue driving, speeding, overloading, and negligence in blind spots.

2. Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS): Early warning of dangerous situations such as lane deviation, forward collision, low-speed collision, vehicle distance detection, sharp turn, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, sudden braking, rollover, etc. to prevent safety accidents.

3. Right and front blind spot detection: The system detects the front blind spot and the right blind spot using intelligent video algorithms to identify surrounding images of the vehicle, effectively reminding the driver and pedestrians, and ensuring road safety.

4. Compartment status video recognition: The system detects and identifies the state of the carriage, including the state of empty and full load, the state of tarpaulin sealing, the state of carriage lifting, and other behaviors. This system can prevent construction waste from being dumped in disorder, spilled drips, and other situations that seriously threaten the sanitation of urban roads.

The muck truck monitoring system configuration includes:

Host + GPS/BDS positioning + ADAS + DSM + HOD (optional) + status speed LED screen +Cameras  (optional) + sound and light alarm + display + lifting/tarpaulin/empty and heavy load sensor (optional) + compartment status monitoring camera.

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