Dual Channel Dash Cameras

Yuwei V5 is a Dual Channel Dash Cameras designed specifically for video monitoring and GPS tracking management of trucks, buses, and taxis. It supports 2 cameras, providing real-time GPS/BDS positioning and 1080p HD video recording with dual TF card storage. It achieves real-time video transmission through a global 4G network connection. The V5 also features built-in advanced safety algorithms (ADAS, DSM) to enhance safety.

Currently, Yuwei's Dual Channel Dash Cameras is widely used in fleet operations in over 30 countries. It is extensively applied in various industries such as trucks, buses, ride-hailing services, taxis, logistics, and government vehicles. It is also recognized as the best 2-channel dashcam in China for the year 2023.

Product Features

Specification parameters

Product Features
Dual Channel Dash Cam

Built-in positioning module and antenna, support GPS/BDS dual mode positioning.

Built-in communication module and antenna, support Global 4G communication, support SMS command function.

Terminal has ultra-clear real-time video recording, integrate 1-channel 1080P high-definition camera, and can be externally connected to 3-channel 720P high-definition cameras.

Maximum support 2*2TB TF card, which can store real-time video.

Support ADAS (advanced driver assistance system), DSM (driver status monitoring) functions.

Support face recognition, non-mask recognition and people counting functions.

Have 1 USB interface, support driving record export function.

Specification parameters

Parameter classification

Parameter item



Basic parameters


device integrate with ADAS cam

Product Type

4G DVR Car Video Terminal

network standard

4G Global Band



Front camera

(ADAS Camera)

1080P, MIPI Camera, H:112°V:55°

In-car camera

AHD 720P, with light sensor/infrared night vision,

DSM camera

AHD Camera, single pass, infrared night vision, H=60° V=42°

4th Channel camera

AHD 720P

Hardware function






Support: GPS+BDS




8 ohms 1.5 watts, 1 channel, with sound cavity


Built-in dual silicon microphone design


3-axis accelerometer


micro 5Pin USB

USB×1, data interface

BMW connector



Left turning signal cable

Right turning signal cable

SOS Cable (Panic button)



SIM card holder

Micro SIM

TF card holder

TF×2 (Card 1 and Card 2 support circular storage)

Power supply

Power supply

12V/24V power supply


Indicator light


Reset button

Long press the power button for 8 seconds to reset

indicator light

2-color indicator

Alarm key

Standard emergency alarm connector




GPS Antenna

Built-in ceramic antenna

4G antenna

Built-in FPC+IPEX transposon

WIFI antenna

Built-in FPC+IPEX transposon

Memory card

4G2TB, patented DXR streaming storage format

Electrical Specification

Operating temp.


Storage temp.


Static Protection

6KV contact, 10KV air

Vibration test

Car vibration

Current consumption

When the working voltage is 12V, the current is from 500mA to 1A (depending on whether the algorithm is turned on, etc.)

When ACC OFF: ≤3mA

Other quality requirements

According to JT/T794 standard (including hard test, soft test, reliability, quality, etc.)

Product specification pictures:

Dual Channel Dash Cam

Dual Ch Dash Cam

Red light

Equipment situation

Light status

Before the program is ready

Solid on

during upgrade

On for 1 second, off for 4 seconds

update completed


camera lost

On for 0.1 seconds, off for 0.1 seconds, flashing 4 times at a time, flashing once every 4 seconds

SIM card missed

On for 1 second, off for 1 second

other status

Always off


Green light

Equipment situation

light status

Before the program is ready

Solid on

during upgrade

On for 1 second, off for 4 seconds

update completed


The card is recording normally

On for 1 second, off for 1 second

Unrecorded card abnormal

On for 0.1 seconds, off for 0.1 seconds, flashing 4 times at a time, flashing once every 4 seconds

other status

Always bright

TF card/SIM card/USB location

Dual Channel Dash Cam with GPS

Dash Cam Certification

Dash Cam CE Certification
Dash Cam CE Certification
Dash Cam FCC Certification
Dash Cam FCC Certification
Dash Cam NBTC Certification
Dash Cam NBTC Certification
Dash Cam UKCA Certification
Dash Cam UKCA Certification

Fleet Dash Cam Q&A

How much does a dual channel dash cam cost?

Do you need a 720p or 1080p camera to record videos for the dashcam you want to buy? Do you require installation assistance or customized fleet management software? All these factors can affect our pricing for the 4 channel dashcam. You can email us your requirements at hello@yuweitek.com and we will send you our official quotation within 4 hours.

Are fleet dash cams legal?

Fleet dash cams are legal in most regions, but specific regulations vary by country. Some areas may have specific requirements for the use and data protection of the dash cam. It is recommended to consult with the relevant local agencies before installation and abide by relevant regulations.

What data does the fleet dash cam record?

The fleet dash cam can record video, sound, driving speed, GPS position, time and other information in and around the car. Some advanced models can also record vehicle acceleration, steering angle, mileage, fuel consumption, driver status and other data. This data can be used to monitor driving habits, identify causes of accidents, improve route planning, and more.

How do fleet dash cams work?

Fleet dash cams are usually installed inside vehicles and collect driving data through cameras and other sensors. They record video, sound, GPS location, vehicle speed, and more and store it on the device or in the cloud. These data can be used to analyze driving behavior, map driving paths, replay accidents, and more.

Does the dash cam record video when your car is not running?

When the car is parked or turned off, the AI car camera stays alert and can continue to help your car work safely in low power mode. The onboard camera will "wake up" to record a triggering event, such as detected motion.

Can I use a regular SD card for the dash cam?

Almost all dash cams use Secure Digital (SD) cards, but most tend to use microSD cards. Even if your dash cam only supports SD cards, SD adapters allow for the use of microSD cards.

Is a 128GB dash cam enough?

A 128GB SD card can effectively handle 4K dash cam footage, but it depends on the camera's bitrate and frame rate. 4K footage requires higher bitrates and frame rates, meaning the recording time on a 128GB SD card will be shorter compared to 1080p footage. However, for fleet tracking management, 1080p recording resolution is typically sufficient.

Are there wireless dash cams available?

Wireless dash cams are those that support Wi-Fi connectivity. They can upload footage of your surroundings to cloud storage. If your camera is tampered with during an event, you can view the footage and ascertain the facts. However, this is only effective when the dash cam has an internet connection.

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