Dump Truck Dash Cam Camera System

Date Time: July 05, 2024
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Dump trucks have long been a major issue in urban management. With rapid economic development and the acceleration of urban construction, engineering fleets have gradually grown larger, and the number of dump trucks has significantly increased. The phenomenon of dump trucks causing accidents has become increasingly serious, posing a major challenge for management departments at all levels of government.


Dump truck dash cam camera system

Various social problems caused by dump trucks are frequently exposed in various media. Summarizing these issues, dump truck accidents can be categorized as follows:


Causes of Dump Truck Accidents:

1. Speeding Causes Accidents

Due to the large size and heavy load of dump trucks, they accelerate slowly, making drivers reluctant to brake and reduce speed. Additionally, the income of truck owners and drivers is often linked to load and trip frequency, leading many to prioritize efficiency over safety. This is a major reason for speeding and accidents involving dump trucks.


2. Spillage Affecting Other Vehicles' Safety

Overloading or improperly secured truck beds, and sometimes leaving the rear gate open for convenience, cause materials to spill during transit. Spilling soil affects city appearance, while spilling rocks directly leads to accidents.


3. Ignoring Designated Routes

Despite designated routes from construction sites to disposal areas, drivers often choose the fastest route to save fuel and time, even if it means passing through busy city centers.


4. Unlicensed Vehicles Transporting Waste

Certain construction sites, especially municipal projects, are located where large vehicles cannot easily access. Additionally, smaller projects often do not attract large transport companies, leading to the frequent occurrence of unlicensed agricultural vehicles transporting waste.


5. Violations in Driving

Issues include overtime driving, fatigue driving, dozing off, distraction, smoking, and phone use.


6. Large Size and Blind Spots

Dump trucks are large and have blind spots in all four directions, making it easy to miss pedestrians and other vehicles, leading to crushing accidents.


YUWEI Dump Truck Solution

The dump truck tracking management system offers real-time GPS/BDS and 1080p video. It allows HD playback of historical records and has one-click alert functions for speeding, fatigue driving, and route deviation.


Dump truck camera system

Dump Truck Camera System Hardware Configuration:

- Front and rear dual-camera AI dash cam

- AI onboard DVR

- In-vehicle monitor

- GPS locator

- Weight sensor

- Fuel consumption sensor

- One-click alarm device

- 360 camera

- ADAS camera

- DMS camera

- Waterproof reversing camera

- HOD camera, etc.


Dump Truck Dash Cam

The smart dash cam V8N is a 4G dash cam with integrated HD recording features. It adopts a front and rear dual-camera design to monitor the environment inside and outside the vehicle in real-time. It has built-in active safety algorithms to detect dangerous driving events and unsafe driving behaviors, providing real-time voice reminders to the driver to avoid collision accidents. It reports incidents to the customer management platform for driver behavior analysis. It supports uploading real-time vehicle location information and historical tracks to the customer management platform, providing HD real-time and historical video views for more convenient and efficient management.


Dump truck dash cam

Specifications of Dump Truck Dash Cam

Product appearance size

Dump truck dash camera

Dump truck dASHCAM

5.2  Indicator light /MIC

5.3 TF Card /SIM Card /USB Location / Button

6. Product Wiring Diagram

6.1  Cable wiring diagram

Dump truck dash cam system

Functions of the Dump Truck Dash Cam

- The device has built-in 4G, Wi-Fi, and GNSS modules.

- Equipped with two adjustable cameras, supporting 1080P and 720P recording.

- Supports 4-channel video, dual TF cards (each 2TB).

- Features ADAS, DMS, BSD, and aggressive driving detection.

- Supports low power mode, USB video export, CAN bus data collection, and mobile app operation.

- Compact design for easy installation.

- For more functions, please refer to the AI dash cam.


Cost of the Dump Truck Dash Cam

- The V8N supports multiple functions and is priced at $165.


Functions of the Dump Truck Camera System

- Vehicle GPS/BDS Location Tracking: Real-time monitoring of all vehicles' precise location and status, including speed, direction, latitude, longitude, and alarm information.

- Playback of Vehicle Travel History: Replay the vehicle's route on an electronic map, displaying historical data such as time, speed, and direction.

- Mileage Statistics: Summarize the distance traveled by the vehicle over a specific period and generate reports.

- Report Output: Generate reports on vehicle mileage, temperature, fuel consumption, and other statistics for centralized management.

- Emergency Alarm: Automatically handle alarms for speeding, boundary crossing, and fatigue driving for timely intervention.

- Special Management Functions for Dump Trucks: Control the lifting and speed of dump trucks to prevent spillage and unauthorized dumping.

- Site Management: Bind vehicles to specific sites to prevent lifting at unauthorized locations.

- Route Management: Create and bind vehicle routes, automatically limiting speed and alerting on route deviations.

- Alarm Handling: Real-time alerts for speeding and fatigue driving, with unaddressed alarms displayed at the bottom of the system.

- Speed Limiting/Locking Function: Limit speed or lock unauthorized vehicles to ensure management compliance.

- Fuel Consumption Management: Collect fuel consumption data through sensors, create fuel charts, and facilitate management and cost accounting.


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