Excavator 360 Degree Camera Systems

Excavator 360 Degree Camera System

Date Time: June 20, 2024
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Excavator 360 Degree Camera Systems

Corporate Vehicle Safety Management Solution

4G Remote Video Monitoring | GPS Vehicle Positioning | Historical Route Playback


Considering various customer applications and needs, China YUWEI introduces the following systems tailored for construction vehicles: Excavator Blind Spot Visualization System, Onboard Intelligent Remote Monitoring System, Driver Fatigue and Violation Driving Warning System, and Vehicle Collision Prevention Warning System. Applicable to all types of construction vehicles including excavators, backhoe loaders, loaders, skid steer loaders, bulldozers, rollers, compactors, flat rammers, cranes (mobile, crawler, tower, bridge), hoists, dump trucks, transport trucks, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, pavers, graders, milling machines, pile drivers, drill rigs, tunnel boring machines, underground loaders, aerial work platforms, clearance vehicles, and breaker vehicles.



Challenges in Excavator Management:

1. Driver fatigue poses risks and is difficult to monitor.

2. Construction accidents lack verifiable evidence.

3. Blind spots on the left, right, and rear of construction vehicles pose significant operational risks.


Excavator 360 Degree Camera System Features:

4G Remote Real-Time Monitoring, GPS Satellite Positioning

Allows management to remotely monitor all excavator operations, tracking their positions and statuses.


Alerts for Dangerous Driving Behavior:

Fatigue driving warnings

Visual blind spot assistance

Distraction driving alerts

AI-based blind spot detection warnings


When fatigue or dangerous driving behaviors occur during extended operations, an in-cabin horn alerts the driver in real-time. Command centers can remotely notify on-duty personnel of abnormal driver conditions for immediate intervention, preventing accidents.


Recording of On-Site Operations:

Clear recording of entire construction processes facilitates investigation of anomalies, ensuring dispute-free incident resolution.


Alerts for Pedestrian Intrusion in Blind Spots:

Real-time video-based system with algorithms warns of pedestrians and vehicles entering detection zones, alerting both onboard and external personnel promptly.


Delayed Shutdown Monitoring:

During non-operational periods in remote construction sites, equipment can be set to delay shutdown, triggering alarms to deter potential vandals and reminding drivers to inspect.


Introduction to Excavator 360 Degree Camera System:

4G Remote Monitoring + GPS/BDS Positioning

IVMS system enables real-time monitoring of vehicle status via computers and smartphones.

DSM cameras monitor and alert on driver behavior in real time.

Construction cameras provide clear footage of excavation operations.

Vehicle-mounted display screens offer real-time video from front, rear, left, and right perspectives, including intelligent monitoring of blind spots.


Solution Value:

1. Remote 4G monitoring facilitates real-time oversight of excavator operations, enabling efficient project progress tracking, scheduling, and management.

2. Driver fatigue during monotonous excavation work can lead to costly errors; real-time fatigue alerts prevent such incidents.

3. Full-record video helps definitively determine responsibilities in on-site safety incidents.

4. Intelligent analysis of excavator blind spots warns of approaching pedestrians, enhancing safety and reducing risks for construction operations.

5. Delayed equipment shutdown post-engine off allows remote monitoring to prevent property losses even in unmanned situations.

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