Vehicle Camera System with DVR for Sale

Van Fleet Vehicle Camera System with DVR for Sale

Date Time: July 02, 2024
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Vehicle Camera System with DVR for Sale

YUWEI China offers a Van Fleet Vehicle Camera System with DVR for sale. Our factory, located in China, provides competitively priced products.


Vehicle Camera System with DVR

Vehicle Monitoring System Hardware Configuration:

The system includes various components installed within the vehicle:

- Interior cameras

- Exterior cameras

- Driver cameras(DMS)

- Microphone

- Emergency alarm button

- Vehicle information display screen

- Mobile DVR

ADAS camera 

 Vehicle Camera System for sale

These devices collect video, audio, emergency alarm information, and location data. The information is processed by the onboard host and transmitted to the central platform via a built-in wireless communication module over the 4G network.


During vehicle operation, alarm events, location information, and video data are transmitted to the central platform via the 4G network. When the vehicle is parked and within a wireless local area network, video information from the onboard host is transmitted to the central platform via WiFi for unified storage.


Backend Platform Functions:

The backend platform of the driving monitoring system enables unified management of front-end devices, video calls, and various platform-side functions. It serves as the application carrier for daily monitoring, vehicle dispatch, and emergency command.


Driving Monitoring System Functions

Electronic Fence:

- Users can select an area on the map using the electronic fence feature to manage vehicle control, such as restricting entry, exit, speeding, or prolonged stays within the specified area.

- Users can set control objects for selected electronic fence areas, choosing single or multiple onboard hosts for flexible management.

- Users can customize control rules, including speeding settings, entry/exit settings, and prolonged stay settings.

- Users can set defense plans that support 24/7 defense, weekday defense, and weekend defense, providing flexible rule enforcement times.


Driving Routes:

- Users concerned with vehicle routes can select a route on the map to receive alerts for deviations.

- Control objects can be set for selected routes, with options to choose single or multiple onboard hosts for flexible management.

- Users can customize control rules, including speeding and route deviation settings.

- Defense plans can be set to support 24/7 defense, weekday defense, and weekend defense, offering flexible rule enforcement times.


Vehicle Positioning

Real-Time Positioning:

- Users can view the online status of onboard devices and display real-time vehicle positions with geographic information on the map. When there are many vehicles on the map, the number of vehicles in a specific area can be displayed, with zoom options for detailed information.


Vehicle Tracking:

- Users can query real-time positions of vehicles by vehicle number and display them at the map's center.


Vehicle Status:

- Users can visually see the status of vehicles on the electronic map, displaying whether they are operating normally, offline, or in alarm state.


Track Playback:

- Users can playback historical driving routes with adjustable speeds (low, medium, high). The maximum playback span is 24 hours, showing speed information and displaying a speed curve graph on the interface.


Driving Video Monitoring

Real-Time Preview:

- Vehicle video supports real-time preview with adaptive display panes based on video routes. Users can perform video operations such as emergency recording, instant playback, and electronic prevention screenshots.

- Various display modes like 1x1, 2x2, 2x3, 3x3, and 4x4 are available to meet monitoring needs.

- Video can be displayed in modes like adaptive, original ratio, 4:3, 16:9, medium screen, and full screen to fit different display screens. Videos can be synchronized with audio for a detailed understanding of the front-end situation. If the vehicle overturns and the video inverts, users can rotate the screen by 90 degrees to adjust.


Video Playback:

- Users can playback recordings from the front-end, center storage, and alarm backups from the central end without operating each device individually.

- Various playback methods are available, such as forward play, reverse play, fast forward, slow play, frame-by-frame play, and progress bar dragging for quick video resource searches.

- For important video resources, users can clip, screenshot, download entire segments, or download by time period.

- During playback, users can view motion trajectories on the map for precise control over the vehicle's historical movements, providing a comprehensive evidence chain for incident investigations.


Voice Intercom:

- The central end can initiate an intercom with the front-end device for one-to-one communication.


Vehicle Broadcasting:

- The central end can initiate broadcasts to notify part or all vehicles, enabling one-to-many communication.


Driver Behavior Analysis

The system detects driver behaviors such as fatigue driving (frequent eye closure), phone usage, smoking, looking ahead, and seatbelt usage. Alarms are triggered for fatigue driving, phone usage, smoking, not looking ahead, or not wearing a seatbelt, and these alarms are uploaded to the platform. This ensures reminders and post-event assessments for drivers to enhance driving safety.


Driving Monitoring Event Query

Users can query and export historical alarm events by time, event source (onboard device), and event type. Real-time alarm events are also supported, including vehicle control events, emergency alarm events, and driver behavior events. Control event content is associated with electronic fence and route information, incorporating fence and route IDs in event descriptions.


Additionally, users can view driving videos and vehicle tracks corresponding to specific events. Quick positioning of alarm videos is possible, allowing direct access to recordings 1/3/5 minutes before the alarm.

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