Garbage Truck CCTV DVR Camera Systems

Garbage Truck CCTV DVR Camera System

Date Time: June 18, 2024
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Garbage Truck CCTV DVR Camera Systems

As urban development accelerates, Garbage Trucks, as large operational vehicles, encounter various visual blind spots during daily cleaning and waste collection operations due to their unique body structure and operational environment. These blind spots increase safety risks while driving and operating. Therefore, it is recommended that sanitation vehicles be equipped with blind spot monitoring devices before leaving the factory. This measure not only ensures the safety of sanitation workers but also demonstrates a high level of responsibility for public safety. The advanced four-channel onboard DVR system developed by YUWEI in China addresses the challenge of blind spots in Garbage Trucks to a large extent, becoming a critical component in optimizing fleet management.

 Garbage Truck CCTV DVR

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Sanitation operations often occur in low light conditions during early mornings or evenings, which can pose safety hazards due to reduced visibility. Our four-channel intelligent onboard DVR integrated with ADAS acts like an invisible co-pilot, continuously monitoring the sanitation vehicle's driving status and providing early warnings of potential risks. Whether it's an imminent collision, lane departure, unnoticed speeding, or sudden appearance of pedestrians, the system immediately alerts the driver, effectively preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.


Blind Spot Detection System (BSD)

Due to the large size of sanitation vehicles, turning and changing lanes can create visual blind spots, often leading to accidents. By implementing a blind spot detection system, our onboard monitoring system can monitor the surroundings in real time. Upon detecting other vehicles or obstacles approaching within the blind spot, it issues immediate warnings to assist the driver in reacting promptly, thereby effectively preventing collision accidents caused by blind spots and ensuring safe and smooth operations every time.

 Garbage Truck CCTV DVR Camera Systems

Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

The unique nature of sanitation work demands that drivers maintain high focus and good physical condition. Our DMS not only ensures driver identification to ensure that vehicles are driven by authorized personnel but also includes fatigue monitoring and detection of unsafe behaviors such as phone use or smoking. Upon identifying fatigue or unsafe behaviors, the system promptly alerts the driver, enhancing driving safety and optimizing fleet management.


4G Remote Monitoring and Cloud Server Storage

Utilizing 4G network connectivity, our onboard monitoring system enables real-time remote monitoring. Managers can monitor vehicle operation status and driver behavior via mobile phones or computers from anywhere, enhancing the timeliness of safety management and facilitating rapid response to emergencies, thereby improving overall operational efficiency.


Every recording serves as a record of responsibility. Equipped with storage capabilities, the system can store crucial driving video data. Combined with video playback functionality, this ensures robust evidence for accident investigations, dispute resolutions, or route playback, safeguarding the rights and interests of all parties involved and providing valuable material for fleet management and driver training.

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